Rhymes With Sane

Don’t know much about Rick Perry but based on the potential of “ADIOS MOFO” as the official campaign slogan, I’d vote for him. Based on the increase in Cafe Press items, it looks like Herman Cain is taking over. I’d vote for him, too  but it would be much harder to settle on just one slogan.

A sampling:

  • Cain vs. Not Able
  • Let’s Beat Obama With A Cain*
  • The Herminator
  • Raising Cain
  • Rock You Like A Herman Cain
  • Cain You Dig It**
  • Honkies for Herman***
  • Mrs. Cain Wears Hosiery****
  • No Cain No Gain
  • Herman Cain Barry Cain’t

    *My personal favorite at the moment

** For  wasists  only

       *** I’d wear it but I’d change it to Hunkies For Herman

    **** I made that one up but that would be a vote well spent.

17 thoughts on “Rhymes With Sane”

  1. Cain vs Not Able is my favorite!!
    I just might make up my own bumper stickers with that. I’d sell a ton of them here at work (that God!).

  2. I like “Let’s beat Obama with a Cain” but think “Rock You Like a Herman Cain” would be so catchy, the liberal media would get hemorrhoids, although I’m not saying they don’t already have hemorrhoids. They probably do. It would explain their facial expressions and inability to have rational thoughts.

    1. I’m sure if we worked at it a little bit , we could come up with something like:
      “Suffering from hemorrhoids? Ask for Lidocaine.
      Suffering from a bigger pain in the ass? Ask for Herman Cain.”

      Still needs a little work but I think you can see the potential.

  3. Suzette– Did you ever replace your Thanksgiving recipes that Stedman chewed up? I was just at an estate sale that had stacks of old supermarket magazines and if I knew which one you need, I could keep an eye out for it. Just tell me the magazine name, month and year and maybe I’ll see it somewhere. If you were able to replace it already, disregard this message.

  4. ~If you want trouble improve
    You got to make a move
    Vote Cain.

    If you’re so sick and tired
    Cuz the economy’s mired
    Vote Cain.

    You know why
    B.O. lied
    Markets died.
    Vote Cain.

    (With apologies to JJ Cale.)

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