Shades Of The West

This is a lamp:

this is a lamp

This is a lamp that I bought in Bradlee’s in the late 80s. It was during the period of my life that was very heavily influenced by the Ethan Allen furniture catalog and I tried to convinced myself that this was a ginger jar base, albeit a stretched out one. I was so proud that I snagged an  Ethan Allen look for a $15.00 Bradlee’s price tag. It was never the exact color that I wanted and the shade got all smashed and stained over the years from various rough-house related incidents  but it was good enough to keep around for the empty bedroom upstairs. Then when I conceived my den decorating scheme of American West Meets Mission Style with a Big Pine Cone, I realized that it wasn’t a stretched out ginger jar at all – it was really a stylized, stretched out lily pad-ish style. Still the wrong color, though.

This is a can of spray paint.

this is a can of spray paint

I tipped my hand last week when I was rhapsodizing about Krylon Satin Brushed Metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.

This is a lamp shade:

Kraft Paper Hardback Lamp Shade 6x16x11 (Spider)
this is a lamp shade

My dears, you cannot imagine the agonzing that went into the decision to finally buy this kraft paper hardback  lamp shade. I couldn’t get the exact dimensions of the original shade so I went with 1″ wider at the top, 1/2″ narrower at the bottom and 1″ longer on the slope. You wouldn’t thinK such small changes would make a difference but it does. It’s far less squat and much more upright which is not what I was going for at all but it was as close as I could get in brown paper and that is what made the sale in the end.

This is a lamp:

this is a lamp

It’s sort of prairie-ish and totally bronzey and quite suitable for a manly room decor and I love it. I was thinking of gluing a pine cone onto the finial like this, but now I don’t think I will. I left the plastic on the new shade because I’m still not totally on board with its lack of squatness and haven’t yet accepted it 100%.

Tell me the truth – it it too small for that base? It’s not really all that much different but its just not what I visualized.

Sami is neutral about it – once he lost control of the what’s wrong with the old shade? discussion, he lost interest completely. In fact, I had to point out to him that the shade was here and installed. He had no comment at all because he was still dwelling on the fact that he had to pull the skin off the all chicken legs by himself .

What a fascinating snippet of the reality of someone else’s life! The mood is almost palpable, isn’t it?

love the paper; do not love the shape

Someday I’m going to have a good camera again and I will be able to capture the non-yellow, non-pastel quality of this soothing pongee paint color.

So the den project drags on. Next, we pull up the 25 year old old carpeting and and the hate-to-even-think-about-it padding underneath.

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: Oh, baby! You should see this thing lit up. [insert crappy camera alert here]

(l.) this is a lamp doing what it was meant to do (r.) extreme close-up

After sleeping on it, I decided to JUST GO FOR IT and pull off the plastic. EXTREME LOVE. After all the years of fondly day dreaming about the golden glow from other people’s windows, I finally have my own, and all it took was a brown paper shade.

9 thoughts on “Shades Of The West”

  1. I love hearing how you think things through. I’m of the just-get-it-done-dammit school, and my “decorating” shows it. Now I sort of get the whole obsession.

  2. Speaking of glow – there’s a guy here in the neighborhood who huffs spray paint. He’s in the hospital right now. He got high, wandered into the street, and was hit by a car driven by a 75 year-old nun.

    Granted it, totally off topic and goes more towards my definition of intelligent design, but it had to be said.

    The lamp looks great BTW.

  3. I like it. What may have been bothering your eye was that the new shade sits lower – the “rules” say that you are supposed to see the top of the base plus a bit of the shaft (or whatever it is called) below the shade.

    But what the heck. Your paint color is very, very interesting. And it’s nice to know there are tan paper shades out there.

    I just took another look. The first shade was a Chinese coolie hat on a ginger jar. The second is much more a Mission look. Wonderful. Phooey on the rules..

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