ALMOST Got It Right

I think they missed the headline here. It should read:

Michelle Obama And Her Diamond Earrings Take An AP Photographer Shopping At Target

This story is showing in my  feed burner as published in more than 1400 locations. I don’t think  this was staged at all. I always push an empty cart around while carrying my purchases in plastic bags and my purse strap is slipping off of my shoulder. Don’t you?

it depends on what your definition of incognito is

Also, I love the part about how she went unrecognized except for the check out lady. Even the shopper in the line in front of her taking pictures with 2 smart phones didn’t recognize her. I guess she just like her ball cap.

18 thoughts on “ALMOST Got It Right

  1. I call total bullshit on this hoax. MOtus give her Secrit Servish detail the afternoon off? No Malaria & Sausage tagging along to learn how the masses get arugula?

  2. I second the call on total BS. We know she arrived in a motorcade, or maybe in a helicopter that landed in the parking lot. And the photographer just “happened” to be there…sure thing. What good luck for him!

    They really think we are that stoopid? (spelled that way intentionally to reflect my southern accent)

  3. I was in NYC when they closed down Times Square so the Obamas could attend a play that started an hour late since the rest of the audience had to go through a TSA security check. My hotel and the rest of the businesses on the block were in lockdown for over 4 hours. Nobody could leave or go in.

    That Target was closed to the public, I assure you.

    So they had to “confirm” it was really, really her ? What is it about her trademark boobage makeup didn’t they notice !? 😀

  4. Our first lady goes shopping in a Nike ballcap? Also, is she wearing two different colors of lipstick?

    She is NOT just like us…in so many ways.

  5. This makes me think of the song, “I wear my sunglasses at night”!!!!!! Yeah, just your average anonymous Target shopper who wears sunglasses inside and keeps the shoppers out. We are amazed it is Moooooo!!!!!

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  7. Nice to see that she is helping stimulate the Chinese economy by shopping at Target. Although, in fairness, where could she go to do otherwise?

    (Of course, I only buy goods that were hand-carved by out-of-work Appalachian coal miners so I get to say this.)

    Were there any pictures of her stopping at the snack bar on the way out for a 32 oz Coke and a set of matching chili dogs?

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  9. It was reported that that woman in black with the smartphone is one of her “aides”. I imagine that every other person in these Target photos was probably a WH plant. In one larger shot, the entire row of checkout stands was empty of both employees (who in our area wear red shirts) and customers.

    Another Michelle-O-Stunt.

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