Nothing Is Happening

Here are there things that keep me away from blogging:

  1. very busy at work*
  2. socializing in the evening**
  3. counting down the time between meals of soft cooked eggs***
  4. on-line oogling of 70s Norwegian dinnerware****
  5. nothing much ever happens to me*****

Sometimes I watch old TV programs on the internet. I started many a post about how ABC Family channel cancelled Huge after one season but I cant’ bring myself to talk about it. I’m not even going to link to any description of it because it was so wonderfully done and so universally appealing that nothing does it justice.

Another show I loved that got cancelled after on season is Outsourced, which had predictable and trite storylines, low-budget production values and got a lot of negative attention for stereotyping the non-American characters. But I don’t care because HEAD BOBBLE. FYI – I’ve adopted the head bobble as my signature gesture, but I only do it when I’m on conference calls. (After the TV show was cancelled, I saw the original movie, which i didn’t even know there was one, and was taken quite by surprise by its quiet humor and subtle progression from lack of awareness to quiet acceptance of cultural differences. I highly recommend it, even though it doesn’t have a single head bobble in it.)

Finally, I’d like to tell you that I’m working my way through Jeeves & Wooster on YouTube. Bertie Wooster is the reason that I never have and never will watch House. Whenever I’m feeling a little down, I check in on Gussie Fink-Nottle envying how easy it is for newts to court the ladies.

* don’t ask
** once
*** definitely should have gotten the clucking chicken
**** ~swoon~
***** seriously

7 thoughts on “Nothing Is Happening

  1. I can’t watch House, either. Not a nurse in sight. What an easy shift it would be if the interns and genius with a cane did it all.

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