The Hand of B. Obama

the fine hand of Barack Obama

If only I could think of some way to make fun of that jerk.

There’s a joke here somewhere – I just can’t pull it out.

Beats me if I can think of it.

12 thoughts on “The Hand of B. Obama”

  1. Are those calluses?
    From what kind of work?
    Or play?
    Do you get that from playing golf?
    something else?
    A palm reader could find something.
    I think you get them from screwing up America.

    1. Well done, Granny E!

      Because I should be studying, I, of course, immediately looked into this matter. I am also disturbed by the brown spots on the pads of his last 3 fingers. He has the same brown spots on 2 of his left hand finger pads. I cannot find similar patches on any other black man I looked at on the intertubes. Is it poor hygiene? If so, that will put him at risk during flu season, but I defer this to our hostess’ expertise. Since we know he’s not done a lick of manual labor in his lifetime, we must assume it is, as you say, sports-related. I also found many pages of sycophantic palm-readings on his hands, so, pursue at your own risk.

      And in conclusion, Suzette, yes, they are girly.

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