Welcome Back To My Old Friend, Insomnia

I should probably do something productive as long as I’m up. I suppose I could clean something or throw in a little laundry. I won’t though because that’s pathetic.

It’s 4am and TV stinks. Even the infomercials. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on right now:

  • the Genie Bra
  • a Kevin Trudeau pitch about government giveaways
  • “Wealth Without Risk” – huge profits!
  • cathetersfast.com
  • internet millionaire Anthony Morrison
  • Contour Abs sculpting belt
  • Cindy Crawford’s skin care secrets

Oh, for the old days when the Roomba went about it’s business cleaning up tissue paper confetti! On the other hand, the armless chest dummies are wearing their Genie Bras with pearls. Very classy, dummies! Even the people making huge profits are not wearing anything nearly so elegant. That’s something anyway but not enough to soothe me back to sleep.

I’m not even hungry! And obviously, I have nothing to say. This is a real situation we have here. I guess I’ll pull out the Windex and get busy.

18 thoughts on “Welcome Back To My Old Friend, Insomnia”

  1. talking about other’s people insomnia ,what about that extraordinary film of Christopher Nolan’s “Insomnia” shooted in a sepulchral Alaska with an impressive Al Pacino ,Robin Williams,Hillary Swank.

  2. OMG! I too can not sleep. Insomnia totally sucks!

    I have watched Colonial Penn commercials, the catheter ones and all the Relion ones as well. And some Spanish Jerry Springer like show in which it is ok to wear flip flops.

    That make me wonder what kind of person would wear flip flops on a TV program. Then again, I am not sleeping and these are the things that passes through ones head when one has insomnia.

    Soldier on Insomnia Goddess! You are not alone!

  3. Just try not to drink very much Windex in a sitting. I’m not very confident in its Big Fat Greek curative powers beyond external applications.

  4. I’m back to try again! Actually, about the time you awoke, I finally took a benadryl, thus waking promptly at 11am today. I could have tried the non-sedating effects of enjoying Rosemary Clooney singing “Count Your Blessings” to Bing. Her blue eyes send me. For you, might I suggest Bing singing “True Love” with Grace Kelly? Do you think she’s wearing the “Genie Bra”?

    1. Perfect! “If you are worried and count sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep…”

      Now would you like me to sing the theme song from “Swamp Fox”? It’s something I do very well but believe it or not, I have a lot of trouble working it into a conversation.

      1. Suzette, I would be honored to have you sing me The Swamp Fox song, which, truth be told, is a little before your time! Is that the song you sang to your son driving around in California?

    2. oh greenlantern – I love you so much for posting this!!! I LOVE this scene and the song. thank you, thank you, thank you! And to you Suzette for inspiring it!

  5. I, too, was awake at 4ish today! Because our youngest and his erstwhile girlfriend decided to drop in because…no ride to their homes? What?
    So, I kept listening for the cat to scratch on the window to come in. And the toilet run. And whether I should turn the tv on to only see what you saw or just try to scrunch the sofa pillows down more to go to sleep.
    None of it was productive. My sym/empathies.

  6. I’ve thought about buying one of those Genie bras to keep in my old pickup truck. It’s so damn strong, I could use it for a spare tire, temporary fan belt and tow strap. Since I can buy eight for 60 bucks, I could give them as Christmas presents.

    “Merry Christmas Fred. I felt you really needed this.”

    Oh yeah. Benadryl and Scotch work wonders for insomnia.

  7. You’re watching the wrong channels – insomnia strikes me every once in a while and that’s what C-Span is for, dontcha know??? Works like a charm, especially at 4AM or so…

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