You guys? This is what I’m crushing on at the moment – it’s the blog of HandbagHeaven (HANDBAGS STARTING AT $10 ALL UNDER $85). Because it’s brilliant.

It’s an adjunct to an on-line store that sells knock-off handbags. Now the store is pretty darned good all by itself. Just this week, I bought the Jessica Buckle Tote for an irresistibly low price. But the blog – the blog is genius. The format is this:

They post a gossip-mag style piece about a celebrity out and about with her handbag and then suggest you buy the knockoff  from their online store, complete with brief description of the product and a link. On days when the celebrities and their handbags elude the papps, the blog simply uses photos of up and coming starlets posing on various red carpets and then make a recommendation from the store that would coordinate with the starlets outfit.

And I tell you – whoever is making the recommendations is a genius. Oprah Winfrey linked to a big wrinkled bag, Julia Roberts and something that has individual parts that  are grossly unattractive but all together makes a striking appearance, Denise Richards with something shiny and fake.

Genius, I tell you.

11 thoughts on “Crush”

  1. The Jessica Buckle Tote has a very “Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, Catherine Deneuve in a raincoat quality. What uncommonly good taste!

    1. Now that is a very specific comment/compliment! I’m thinking of declaring Saturday “Movie Reference Day” and demanding that all comments include a cinematic refrence.

      Sunday will be a mandatory “Compare Me To Catherine Deneuve Day”.

  2. Since I got the giraffe print bag my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I’ve allowed myself to think along the lines of having more than one bag at a time. Radical!

  3. Way to go. You may have created a monster. I’m more of a shoe whore but this site has suddenly turned me into a handbag whore. I. must. stay. away!

  4. That’s a good looking tote! Did you get the ivory or the taupe/gray?

    I like the blog too. Not to be missed: hair malfunction photo of MOO in the entry about Kate Middleton. Priceless!

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