Bring Out Your Dead

You know, this week’s major miscalculation by President Tin Ear made me suddenly realize that death is one of the standard tools in his Elect Me Box.

Think about it – his political result has always benefited from public sympathy when he can associate himself with the sad circumstances of the death of those around him. That poor old typical white grandmother of his had the good grace to die on the eve of the presidential election, thereby locking up the sympathy vote. He show-cased his own mother’s death, lied about her insurance circumstances, and used that to bolster his Obamacare agenda.

Now when his approval ratings are at an historic low and the scales are starting to fall from the blind legions who put him in office, he tried to glom onto the arrival of the remains of the Navy Seals at Dover by disrespecting the wishes of the families and bringing the White House photographer along for a photo-op. The gall of the man.

It didn’t work, though and may have actually backfired. That doesn’t mean puts an end to the opportunistic exploitation of the deaths around him for political gain. No indeed – in fact, I’d be a little worried if I  were too near him. Grandma Robinson is a likely candidate but there’s really not a lot of public sympathy to be gained from a dead mother-in-law. My money is on his sister for the big impact pre-Election Day expiration.

But it’s till a bit too far out from Election Day to take advantage of a close relative’s death but a sizable accident involving many non-relatives might help set the stage right about now. In light of that notion, a prudent person might think twice before signing on to the Greyhound One motorcade.

And what a motorcade it is.

video found at White House Dossier

Pop quiz! Add:

Marine One
Plus + Air Force One
Plus + Greyhound One
Plus + Number of people in presidential entourage
Equals = how many dead polar bears?

extra credit – how many carbon credits would it take to off-set the motorcade alone?

Note to government officials and federal internet scanners: These remarks are not a threat, a wish or a prediction. They are, if they can be classed as anything at all, sarcasm.

13 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead”

  1. I liked the comment that said let him up-armor and ride around in a Chevy Volt so he can stop being such a hypocrite!

    The BBC News says:”Big, blocky, black, with painted-out windows, it looks more like a police mortuary van than a symbol of hope arriving on your street”.

    Maybe the name of this tour should be “Death Takes a Holiday”!

    1. I counted FORTY including all the police cars fore and aft.

      Methinks somebody’s overcompensating for something.

  2. Nah, Grandma Robinson is safe… if she gets offed, Moo or, God forbid, Barky himself would have to be “punished” with the care and feeding of the Show Ponies.

    That would put a real dent in their “me time”…

  3. All of this morbid speculation doesn’t refute The One’s main point:


  4. I’d love to organize a whole line of folks along the roadside to stand there and scratch the side of their face with their middle finger while the Prez rolls by. He’s done it to us often enough.

  5. I tried to run all the carbon credit calculations, but before I could finish, my calculator hit my limit, shut off and I received an email notice that I had killed a polar bear. I now have to write a letter to the U.N. and beg forgiveness, or send a check to cover the offset. The decision is becoming overwhelming.

  6. This might be the first motorcade in Presidential history that had more escort cars than audience members. Each person in the crowd could have been arrested by two troopers each, with enough left over to stage a football game, complete with a halftime marching band.

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