In And Out


weather delay

I guess the rain isn’t going to make it look any worse than it already does. Even though the product can clearly states not to use the waterproofing/stain with 24 hours of rain, I forged ahead anyway because I am busy and I have other things to do. I can’t just be hanging around waiting for CONDITIONS. Now the forecast is for 10 days of torrential rain with stultifying humidity in between cloudbursts. When it’s all over, I’ll be in Dallas for a week so it would appear that we will be ushering in the next season with a bi-color  deck and some uncomfortably close seating arrangements.

Don’t you find this fascinating?


I forgot that I’m no longer fit for hard work and I was only able to manage one coat on half the deck. It’s a work in progress. Since May. But at least it was May of this year so things could have been worse. And don’t forget that I’m doing this with a lingering crab-claw injury on my finger from last week’s visit to Joe’s Crab Shack.

The humidity finally dropped enough to work outside again and there’s no rain predicted today, so I resumed staining/waterproofing  the deck boards. They were positively parched, sweetie-darlings,  and the liquid  disappeared as soon as I put it down. Luckily, I’ve got 4 more gallons of the stuff in the garage.

a satisfying and orderly arrangement

In indoor decorating news, I must say that this is probably the finest item ever bought or sold in the entire history of eBay and that includes my giant copper carnival horse and my giant color-burst paint drip ashtray/remote holder. It certainly could, as mentioned in the seller’s description, use a good polishing but I kind of like the mark of time on the brass and the hints of dried brass polish not fully wiped away from the flutes and crevices in the design.

An how about my new pearly handled cane, huh? Hubba- hubba, amitrite? You’ll notice Sami’s cane is not there – who knows where it is today? Yesterday he left it hanging from the hand-towel rack in the powder room.  It’s going to take a while to get him used to storing it and looking for it here but in this matter, I am like a liberal leftist Democrat – filled with hope for the future that I want but shrouded by the denial of reality.

9 thoughts on “In And Out”

  1. What a superior human being you are!

    BTW: “Wheels on Fire” and “sweetie-darlings” –can that mean what I hope it does?

      1. I merely speak the good gawd’s own truth! I dwell in Minneapolis, MN, so I’ll start walking now.

  2. I’ve seen the weather report for your area. Shouldn’t you really be spending your energy building an ark?

  3. I am jealous, jealous I say, of your “cane stand.” I want it badly. I have neither canes nor umbrellas but I love the way it looks!!

    Take it easy on the deck work. It will still be there next year!! I’m also the laziest person you’ll ever meet so I’ll enable you to relax. 🙂

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