At First I Was Like Hell No

And then I was like hey, wait  a minute. And now I’m like I don’t know.

Here is today’s decorating/shopping dilemma: I got a new cane this week. My dears, you should see it. It’s black with a  pearly, swirly handle.  If I have to be seen with a cane, by golly it’s going to be a looker.  Between the canes we adopted from other people whose injuries healed, the canes that were dispensed to us, and of course the sparkly blue cane from the Wynn’s Lost & Found department, that brings the cane count around here up to six. And they are uncorralled.

Sami’s clanking adjustable aluminum cane – the only one he really uses – is hanging from stove burner right now. Hand to God – from the stove burner. It could be left hanging from anything next time he uses it. I keep one in my office and the two that I use most often are stuck inside the curved bottom end of the banister in the front hall. It’s an imperfect system – sometimes we bang into them, sometimes they fall down and sometimes they just decide to stick out and trip the next guy who passes by.

His and Hers. It’s not pretty but that’s how it is.

So you see where this is going. I need a device to keep them all together, out of the way. Now there are such things as cane stands, but they are for displaying collections,  not for the daily in and out of canes in use. So I was thinking that an umbrella stand would work. I wouldn’t want a heavy metal stand, or a dark one that I’d have to be dusting all the time. Or worrying that I haven’t dusted it, which is much more likely to be the case. I don’t want an angled one – say, one shaped like an umbrella – because I want the canes to be contained not sticking out all over the place.

So that leaves us with a simple cylinder. I started looking around eBay and boy, are these things expensive. Not expensive expensive, but expensive if you were planning to go up to $25.00 max. But I did come across all manner of metal, wood, ceramic and glass umbrella stands AND THEN I FOUND THIS:

Umbrella stand, 28″ tall, uniquely shaped like an upside-down umbrella with duck-head, rings for 5 umbrellas, brass ? ( magnet doesn’t stick to it ), original J C Peneys $60.00 price tag intact, 1970’s era ? Condition Good as shown, may need a good polishing.

I’ll skip over the part about how I was initially horrified by this and move the storyline up by about 30 seconds to where I think that I can’t live without it. This is why it’s good:

  • It doesn’t have a heavy visual presence the way a copper canister or a wooden box would
  • Rings will help prevent canes from getting tangled up with each other
  • We can see the bottoms of the canes in case they do get tangled up
  • Gives off that “Not Of This Time Period” vibe that I find so appealing
  • Dust accumulation isn’t going to be all that obvious on the bottom part
  • If I must, then the bottom is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or duster
  • Has a duck head

But because I am insecure, I need other opinions. My daughter, a tough judge of style, does not hate it. Let’s do a  poll:

Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Be honest.


17 thoughts on “At First I Was Like Hell No

  1. The poll needs the option “it could be really cool, particularly if you spice up the duck with red eyes and fangs painted in.”
    Also, you need a cane like House has, with flames. You really really do.

  2. I just went to check it out on ebay, and it’s been sold… I hope you’re the lucky duck who won it.

    Ha ha… see what I did there?

    I need caffeine.

  3. Yes, I hope it was you that bought it! If not, another bird-oriented item will come your way, you’re due.

  4. Duck is win all over.

    Now, the real issue. Your husband’s cane is hanging from WHERE!!!!
    OMG your house will blow up. Alert the neighbors.

  5. The ‘duck’ holder is certainly, um, novel but as a fellow cane-r, IMO, the best thing to hold multiple canes is…..a floor model pool stick holder. The holes are smaller, cane size and the bottom usually has an indentation to secure the canes from tangling. tangeling. tangleing. getting mixed up.

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