It’s Not The Heat

Not yet, anyway. The heat comes on Thursday. Right now, it’s still the humidity.  This is an early-morning photo of the underside of the gazebo canopy on the deck.

My morning dew can beat up your honor roll kid.

To appreciate the scale, know that the metal grommet at the lower left is about an inch  wide. It has it’s visual appeal, does it not? The sun has been weakly shining through on this for half an hour already and still no evaporation. I suppose that the chair cushion that I’m sitting on out here has the same collection of water beads on it. In fact, my butt tells me that indeed it does. I should have looked before I sat down. I’d tell you exactly what the humidity level  is right now, but I got distracted by the Mosquito Activity Forecast and the recipe for grilled flank steak at and I forgot about looking at the weather details.


7 thoughts on “It’s Not The Heat

  1. It’s like trying to breathe under water. I swear it was so thick you could actually see the air. I hate it. I’m a CA girl with a 20 year stop in WA. We have been here in NE for 9 years.
    I don’t think I will ever get used to it. On the plus side, fireflies
    are cool. I had never seen them before.

    Well. off to the drugstore for some supplies for hubs. In a Nissan truck with no air. 😦

  2. Western Wyoming is lovely. It will be for several more weeks before winter sets in again. We have to enjoy July and August extra hard and fast. For comparison to the real world, our peonies just dropped their last petals, and we’re enjoying the first strawberries.

  3. Come to New Orleans and spend a couple three days drinking hurricanes, sazeracs, or absinthe. It won’t cool you off any but you’ll quit bitching about the rivers of sweat streaming off ya.

  4. The only benefit to this weather is that it seems to be driving all the Casey Anthony reporting off the TV.

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