Working From Home Today

I’ll sum up my last two weeks of travel for you and then it will be over with:  Feh!  Plus free crab legs. So it all evens out.

home office

Working environment update: I’m working from my outdoor office on the deck today. The gentle breezes and birdsong have become unfamiliar to me after the cumulative hours I’ve spent in airports over the last two weeks. Where is the muffled roar of the jets? The rows of vinyl seating with splits and/or unidentified substances ruining the surfaces of the best locations?  The ladies rooms littered with damp lengths of toilet paper?   The stench of filthy dogbutt is the same, though  so there’s comfort in that.

From our Department of Personal Victory: I packed suitable clothing and accessories for travel, work and dining out into a regular rolling business case with a minor amount of overflow to an Ameribag Healthy Back bag. Also managed to get the laptop, cords, etc in there. Incidentals! The trip was from late  Sunday night to the wee small hours of  Thursday morning and I didn’t repeat any wardrobe combination or accessorizations. Now you know what I mean when I say High Powered Executive Business Woman – packing power! Definitely the way to go.

Helpful packing tip: Secret Solid Deodorant comes in a taller, thinner container than Ban, Sure  or Degree. This might not seem significant  at first  but it might make all the difference, sideways-expansionwise, when you are rolling down the aisle of an Airbus.


5 thoughts on “Working From Home Today

  1. Were you possible in Franklin, TN (just south of Brentwood) on your travels? I swear I saw YOUR purse on a gal leaving the local Chuys restaurant.

    • Not this time – I was bashing Denver over it’s high-altitude head with my diaphanous scarf collection. I have yet to expose TN to my faux giraffe obsession but I like to think that I’ve been generally influential there.

  2. So glad you’re back in the land of decks and gentle breezes. Dogbutt is optional? But, on the bright side he has a cute face. I saw a litter of Corgi’s the other day and had to be dragged away by the evil duo. (daughter and hubs) I WILL get my doggy some day! But only after the demise or relocation of the daughter’s maniacal cat.

  3. Hmn… the Healthy Back Bag claims to “reduc[e] apparent stress of the neck, back and shoulders.” Does that mean the stress is still there but you don’t immediately feel it? If so, beware of latent injury!

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