Baby On Board

What a development!

A prominent Democrat indulges in bad behavior and when he runs out of lies about it and  it looks like its going to end his career, his wife is announced to be pregnant. She’s described as attractive, stylish and fashionable and before marriage was a part-time model. Such sympathy for the poor woman – what incredible* timing! They stand together during this tough time and there’s no question that the couple will  work on their marriage and get past this troublesome and upsetting time.

Sen. Edward Kennedy and wife, Joan, followed by Ethel Kennedy, leaving St. Vincent's Church in Plymouth PA following the Funeral Mass for Mary Jo Kopechne in July 1969.

And then, within a month, she suffers a miscarriage. There is no baby after all.

We haven’t seen much of A. Weiner this week. At least, not in person – we’ve seen quite a bit of him in his self-portraits by cellphone.  Maybe he’ll be making a public appearance today. I wonder if he’ll wear a neck brace.

* INCREDIBLE  in·cred·i·ble (adj.) – 1. So implausible as to elicit disbelief:

14 thoughts on “Baby On Board”

  1. It may yet backfire. That silly sumbitch is already so ingloriously impressed with his little Weiner that having another may incite further Hubris-tempting ejaculations.

  2. If the Mrs is preggers, congrats to the happy couple.
    Of course, the little Weiner will have some unhappy surprises in 15 years when he/she Googles Dad to see what he really did because other kids are cruel and their parents don’t forget.

  3. I just havta ask…will the lil’ Weinershnitzel resemble Hill or Bill???

    If Ms. Abedin really is expecting…G-d bless her and her little one…as this is trully a stressful time for her. But if this is a political machination…karma is never kind.

    Suzette…great post!

  4. Brilliant indeed, and not just ’cause I was thinking the same thing. There are rumors that Huma and the Wein spent the night of the press conference plotting ways to survive the wenier roast, so I’m sure we’re not that far off the mark. Of course Huma is off with Hill so the plot is definitely getting more thickining.

  5. Reminds me about the yet to be truly investigated, Palin/Bristol baby-Trig who’s my mommy switcheroo! If there is anything, aside from a glaring lack of smarts, that will derail “Palin 2012,” it would be how best to cover up that cover up.

  6. Last thing I heard was that the good wife was off to some foreign land with Hillary Clinton. I imagine the trip will be tragic, since aliens will kidnap the wife and steal the baby.

  7. What is nice to contemplate is that the late unlamented Ted Kennedy is no doubt in hell standing in a lake of Jack Daniels and every time he bends down to sip from the lake, the level of Jack Daniels recedes just out of reach. Condemned to eternal thirst which is a fitting punishment for this criminal alcoholic who destroyed so may lives.

  8. See? He IS going to be emerge from this a hero. Elder statesman! Someone to look up to. All is forgiven.


  9. Y’know… Ted and Joan lived in the B.R. (before Roe) era, not that it would have changed matters in their Catholic case. Puma could go nuclear on Weiner a la Kay Corleone. A murderously bad option, but one consistent with the dogmatic amorality of the Left.

    On a decidely lighter note, can a Weiner say they have a bun in the oven with relish? Can they muster up a straight face?

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