A Question About Chickens

Rubber Chicken Hen Tote Bag Handbag Purse Pocketbook “Henbag” $26.99 at Amazon.com

This is a picture of a chicken purse, not an actual chicken. Still, I believe the intention was to recreate an actual chicken. With handles.

I get the red comb on the chicken’s head and I get the red wattle hanging below the beak. But what are those other red things on the side of the chicken eyeball? Chicken ears?

I don’t know enough about chicken parts to commit to a bag like this. But I do know that I would never want to be walking around with an incorrect representation of a chicken. That would be laughable.


14 thoughts on “A Question About Chickens

  1. Mayhaps How It’s Made could do a segment on this purse?

    They may not answer your questions, but you would have the chance to learn the technical details behind the bag’s design and manufacturing.

  2. …I have a friend who carries this bag on vacation. I believe I posted a picture to Facebook featuring part of it on a table at Wet Willie’s in Miami. It’s not as practical as it looks.

  3. How in the world do you find this stuff?? I’m thinking you could be a personal shopper for gag presents.

  4. It’s a long story, but a group I work with has one of these to use at functions. The thing smells like a cheap rubber toy. We’ve had it around for three years and it stinks as much now as when it came out of the box.

  5. @ “But I do know that I would never want to be walking around with an incorrect representation of a chicken. That would be laughable.”
    I had t leave a meeting when I read this!
    Yes, I know, what was I doing looking at blogs in a meeting? Don’t judge me ’til you’ve slogged through as many faculty meetings as i have. A jury of my peers would never convict me.

  6. Yes, chickens do have ears–more like holes, really, covered by a single feather. They don’t have ears that look like the lips on the M&M spokesman-candies.

  7. Chickens do have wattles that kind of wrap around their eyes like that. Most people only notice the big danglies beneath their beaks, but their faces are covered with the ridiculous things.

  8. One thing for sure; if you’re carrying the ‘chicken’ purse no self-respecting purse snatcher would touch it.

  9. Somewhere, there’s a well-read expert that can tell you about chicken parts. They’ll explain how some parts were found on dinosaurs and were used in bizarre mating rituals.

    Don’t call this person. You’ll wish you’d had a root canal instead.

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