Return Of The Angry Eyebrows

It’s been a while since I looked her over but apparently, World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™  Michelle Obama has re-hired her original make-up artist.

AAAAAND given up Botox? The Elevens have returned between those disapproving brows. And I guess this side shot is irrefutable evidence that she has indeed had a little bobbing done on her formerly bulbous nose. I was convinced it was was only that white stripe down the middle and some other painted-on enhancements that made it look slimmer and more attractive, but I can no longer deny.

Private message: MEECHIE! I didn’t know you had a scar from your chicken pox vaccination! Why have I never seen it before? Let’s be besties – I’m all about vaccinations. Did you have the H1N1? Are you getting one for Whooping Cough? Did you ever have a tetanus shot? Looks like you needed one for that wrist thing.

18 thoughts on “Return Of The Angry Eyebrows”

  1. I am so sick and tired of seeing her bare arms! I’m sure the air conditioning is on, so she wouldn’t get sweaty at the event. The men wear long sleeves w/jackets and do fine.

  2. Another cheery moment. This closeup shot shows a different nose. The Michael Jackson party nose may have been photoshopped (all that black behind it makes it easy).

    Here we see her approximately natural skin color, her vaccination, and whatever happened to her wrist. And a very, very bored woman.

      1. Embiggening the photo reveals a big garish brooch threaded through the obi-bow on the front of her dress. I think she wore this one on the dais at the Copenhagen Olympics bid when she and Obie were into PDAs.

  3. Is it an official, MAO Lady In Waiting position, to be the official ‘Sheen Applicator?’ Because now…the leg buttah appears to have moved north (east, west, and all other GPS points). Does MAO self apply, OR does she have to have help with the shiny application?

    1. Maybe she has a career in advertising after they’re out of our White House.

      Glam shot of greased up MOO

      [cue voice-over]



  4. Nice, refined & classy “neck gear” she’s sporting here. She must think she’s walking the red carpet at the Grammy’s because this sure isn’t anything a woman like Laura Bush or Jackie O would ever wear. Mooch is trying so hard to be “hip.” So young, so in style.

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