Royal Wedding, Scored And Ranked

So many elements to sort though! Below are the clear winners of the day, based on a potential max of 100 points.

#3. The Air Fresheners –  82 points

Crown Air Fresheners

This makes perfect sense to me – all those horses around! But where did they get them? I thought they stopped making these in the 90s.  They were so popular – I wonder why?

#2 The Spurs! – 97 points

Sirs! Your spurs!

I don’t think I even have to say anything more here. AMIRITE LADIES?

#1 The Bouquet  99 points

Almost perfect.

Too bad I made such a big deal out of the Lily of the Valley issue, otherwise the spurs would have been #1 for sure. But, *le sigh*, here it is. A shame she clogged it up with sweet william and myrtle but still it lived up to my vision of bouquet perfection. Also, Pippa.

12 thoughts on “Royal Wedding, Scored And Ranked”

  1. The “sweet william” bit needs no explanation.

    I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving until I get some comments on the hats. I’m just going to stand here tapping my foot.

  2. One thing I thought should give her 200 points was her class in the carriage. I noticed that Every time Prince William would salute a member of the military, Katherine would bow her head demurely as if to show respect. She would keep her head bowed until he had finished his salute. Wow, if we had half that respect from our own leaders. And if there is no other reason to like the wedding, I felt like this one made my day. I am thinking of sending this to the cows on the view since they took such great pleasure in cutting down the day.

  3. The bouquet was perfect…Lily of the Valley and, ahem, Sweet William was a nice, romantic deference to her Prince.

    Now…Beatrice. Fascinator. Am I the ONLY won on the internets who sees (from the Grinch) Bea rocking her ‘Cindy Loo Who’ do?

    Either that or a diagram of the the uterus and fallopian tubes…but then…

  4. The bride was beautiful, the ceremony just right, yadda, yadda.
    What struck me was the immense planning, procedures, people involved in this to-do.
    Everyone had his/her place, marched or stood where they were told, the crowd cheered on cue, the horses didn’t poop on the bride and it was almost flawless.
    There had to be a “master wedding planner” and what a great job done!!

  5. the only negative I want to mention about Kate’s appearance is her “pointy” boobs. They were “out” in the daytime ceremony dress but looked not so good in the reception dress. Are those “pointy” bras of the 50’s making a comeback???

  6. **romantic sigh**

    I am well content…just smiling right down to my toes.
    Such poise and dignity. Such kindness and concordance on show between the two of them.

    They both completely redeemed the “deer in the headlights” look of other less poised brides. This was the romantic wedding that all of us who are blissfully and long time wed love to see and revel in. Thanks for covering and ranking it.

    P.S. Of course, the bouquet was exquisite!

  7. Any bride who is tempted to have an over the top gown, a massive headpiece and veil and/or one of those casket spray bouquets should study these photos very, very carefully.

  8. I love the spurs. Didn’t watch the wedding so didn’t realize they had spurs on.

    And when I saw the bouquet, I immediately said to myself, Cripes Suzette got her wish with the lily of the valley. A perfect bouquet.

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