Like Buttah

Sunny Sunday. Those weathermen don’t know a thing about making accurate predictions.

It was sunny in Philadelphia and we spent as much time as possible on the terrace. And by terrace, I mean a 3 x 6 ft fire escape. Only 3 folding chairs could get squeezed into that space so we had to develop a schedule to rotate all  6 adults. The dog shoved himself into any available space, even places that you wouldn’t immediately recognize as a “space”.

A rare moment when two chairs were empty. The dog straddles two worlds – the outdoor air full of the scents and sounds of Philadelphia and the indoor possibility of someone dropping something on the way to the kitchen trash can.

We used a pair of opera glasses to look down on ladies in church hats and little kids dressed in Easter finery. We saw one mom leading a pack of small boys, all dressed in velour tracks suits of different colors. The mom’s was purple. The number of people walking around in black burkas increases every time we visit there

After looking on the dairy shelf for weeks and finding none, we did get a commercial butter lamb this year after all. It looked to be a combination of plain and blobby while it was still in the box but was remarkably detailed out on the plate. We enhanced it with clove eyes and gave it some parsley to graze on.

The clove eyes give this a very “Lamb Chop” look, don’t you think? The turkey salt shaker made a surprise appearance on the table.

Easter dinner was in Philadelphia at my daughter’s house. The girl is full of surprises. She colored some blown-out egg shells and stuffed them with confetti and a special Easter fortune.

I was hoping that this paper would read “You may quit your job” but it didn’t. 😦

And that is the end of any fun I am going to have in the near or foreseeable future. Work is all-consuming now and I bit off more than I could chew. I woke up at 4:30 just to make sure my heart was still beating. And it was, at the rate of a mile a minute.  See you on the other side.


15 thoughts on “Like Buttah

    • It’s a Catholic / Polish thing.

      It represents the Agnus Dei. You would have known that if I was faithful enough to stick in the little flag. Agnus Dei is Latin for the Lamb of God. (Who takes away the sins of the world) which is the heart of the whole business.

      Now let’s sing:

  1. I’ve spread the word on the butter lamb and the butter turkey! There will be some changes made in holiday celebrations in this corner of Wyoming, you betcha!

  2. What a beautiful buttery lamb! I too have never seen one except on the internet…actually, I think your site put them on my radar. Thanks for broadening my butter horizons!
    I like that you have the turkey out to play with the lamb.
    Happy Easter, Suzette!

    • If you buy a butter lamb in the supermarket, it’s about $4.50 for 4 oz. of butter. As soon as the commercial butter lamb makers found out they could reap giant profits, they started making butter turkeys and even a butter Christmas tree, but those are just holiday products, not symbolic like the butter lamb.

  3. It sounds (and looks like!) you had an awesome Easter!!!

    As I did last year…an extensive, contrarian search was made in the Western PA area (ok, my local Giant Eagle and ShopNSave–I had to get out of the car twice, which equates to ‘extensive’ in my book) NO butter lambs were found.

    So…gearing up late summer, I am going to look into manufacturing/marketing Turkey/Santa/Lamb Butterforms. Its obviously an underserved market…and I am all about stimulating the economy (particularly my own!)

      • I honestly remember the buttah lambs from when I was a little kid (in the Burgh proper). We used to get our milk from Menzie Dairy…so I bet that is where my mom got our Easter butter lambs. Now…no more little dairies (around here) so I am guessing that is reason for the absence of decorative dairy delights.

        I sense a ‘niche’ market that needs filling…but since this is PA…I probably would have to start filling out the paper work…ahh, tomorrow afternoon to market same.

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