Elizabeth Taylor’s Vaccination and Other Things On My DVR

TCM is running a bunch of Elizabeth Taylor movies today. Everybody goes on and on about how she didn’t bother to conceal her tracheotomy scar in public but dig this: here is Maggie the Cat unashamedly displaying evidence of one hell of an immune system response to her childhood smallpox vaccination.

Dude, don’t you know any make-up artists?

Question: was there ever a Twilight Zone episode where the main character would see something on TV and then it would happen in real life? Or some time warp thing where the person thought it happened in real life and then saw it on TV but time was non-linear and it was really on TV first and that’s where the person got the idea in the first place?

Because I think my TV is messing with me.

I DVR a lot of stuff because I like to wake up early and watch that stuff while I’m alone having breakfast. It’s mostly old movies and documentaries. Here is a partial list of things that have freaked me out recently. I am not kidding about any of this.

  • Your Cheatin’ Heart – George Hamliton as Hank Williams is sitting in the living room of his recently acquired bourgeois home trying to come up with a new song. On the coffee table in front of him is a big metal Western-style horse. The house was crammed with all manner of gaudy tschakas, an indictment on the appaling taste of Mrs. Williams, an implication which I fully reject.
  • History Channel documentary about Inside The White House. It was filmed at the end of 2008. During one interview segment with George and Laura Bush, the President talks about stewardship fo the historic home and all the people who came before. The day after I watched it, I read a puff-piece online article that quoted the remarks of the current “president” almost word for word. I am so disturbed by this that I repressed the exact wording. There was a second point from that documentary that was credited to The Figurehead as well. Fer cryin’ out loud. He must laugh himself to sleep every night.
  • I Can Get It For You Wholesale This 1951 movie about a strong-willed independent woman in the garment industry featured a scene where Susan Hayward has a disagreement with Dr. Zorba about whether or not to buy a large amount of pongee for their spring line. Susan wants it,  Dr. Zorba is afraid of the risky choice and Teddy the hot shot salesman thinks it’s old fashioned. They said “pongee” at least 6 times and then it never came up again in the movie. I THINK MY TV PUT IT IN THERE JUST FOR ME.

This actually happens to me a lot – I only documented these three things because they happened this weekend. Is this mere coincidence or am I right to be a little bit freaked out?

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor’s Vaccination and Other Things On My DVR”

  1. If memory serves Hank dies in a car wreck at the end of the film. In reality he had absorbed enough drugs to stock a hospital pharmacy.

    1. Are you telling me that the story used George Bush’s quote as Obama’s? The press is really losing it; apparently they don’t think people remember things or check.

      My guess is that the puff piece writer had watched the program and thought it would be amusing to put that in the article as Obama’s. “That will show Bush!” he thought. Bush, of course, wouldn’t read his stupid article anyway. He was probably at a Rangers game.

      And speaking of the White House, I think we should attempt to glean what scant information there is on the decor of the living quarters. Since we have seen no spreads in House Beautiful and Architectural Digest, I assume that it’s a disaster and the shelter magazines are ignoring it.

      I do know that someone commented on how many really large photos of Obama are on the walls in some of the office areas. And I know they have put up contemporary black painters’ works in some of the public rooms. And apparently Michelle thinks white tablecloths are racist.

  2. I think your DVR is messing with your mind, Suzette. Maybe you should buy a new one. Or keep a shotgun handy.

    1. As for Dubya’s comments being attributed to The Won™…..I suspect that President Present doesn’t even know. Most “journalists” and “editors” these days are lazy, left leaning, ignorant hacks.

      The twit was likely directed to write something Good about The Figurehead. This is especially important now, given out little engaged he was in the recent budget fiasco, so the Lame Stream Media is working overtime to get The Word out. So the intrepid hack just made shit up, as lefties are wont to do.

  3. Some parents had their girls vaccinated on their upper thighs so the scare wouldn’t be seen.
    (teehee, giggle)
    Anyhooie, after my evening tea seasoned with some Jack, my control of the remote’s fast-forward button seems to jump me 10 minutes ahead and I lose the storyline of what I’m watching. So, I back up and it’s like deja vu. The point of this ramble is that pongee used to be the name of a lipstick promoted for young girls in the 50’s. It was like wearing tinted vasoline.
    We were supposed to be modest back then.

    1. I know–My folks had my vaccination done on my upper thigh–it’s hardly even noticable now. Tells you about swimsuit styles of the time and dates us!!

  4. I noticed in one of Ms. Taylor’s pictures as a young woman that she had a great deal of dark hair on her arms. Nowadays, those arms would have to be waxed! How refreshing that she was happy with herself, scars, flaws, hair and all! Of course with her natural stunning beauty who looks at hair on her arms?

  5. After watching 18 of the 24 hours of Elizabeth Taylor movies on TCM yesterday, I am not sure I can tell the difference today between TV and real life. Spiritual union with one’s TV does, no doubt, result in many instances of synchronicity. I’m only 1/2 kidding about this.

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