Status Update

Nothing much to say except to report on my latest injury:

I was pushing my home office chair towards the desk and my bare foot shoved itself under the edge of the plastic mat. It’s all spikey under there to grip the rug and at least two of those spikes kissed my big toe. And by “kissed” I mean “made it bleed”. So add bloody and possibly in danger of tetanus toe to my recent foot smash by encyclopedia drop and the belly flop onto concrete sidewalk.

Now let’s talk about injuries to the spirit. It’s a source of sadness to me that members my immediate family circle are not fans of raisins. This means that they always reject the notion of my beloved Martha Stewart Double Raisin Pie. Maybe I’ll just show up with one for Easter. They will be all  NO THANK YOU so that’s probably not a good idea. I should spend my time producing a home-made  Butter Lamb this year. (This is my favorite Butter Lamb tutorial on You Tube. Love the part where Grandma starts snoring at the kitchen table).

Here is somebody’s home made Butter Lamb with features not normally seen on Butter Lambs: hooves and I guess those are feelers?

I’ve been working from home for many many days. I should really get it together and try to haul the majestic self over to the office next week. I’m looking forward to wearing shoes again. Might wear a bra, too.


8 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Before you go that far you might want to do some stretching and warm up a little so you don’t get a cramp right off the bat.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  2. I vote for shoes, against bra! Wear a large sweatshirt! Of course I could never actually do that, but the lingering 60’s hippy in me says go for it.

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