“The Den” Again

I hope you all realize that if the government gets shuts down by The Smartest President Ever, the national parks will be closed to the public. (Say, isn’t Colonial Williamsburg a national park?)  I don’t care though because I have been deep into the national parks for some weeks now. Now you can be, too.

In keeping with the “American West” part of my decorating theme of Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock for “the den”, I’ve been looking for just the right artwork. I’ve narrowed it down to three vintage posters.  Problem is, I only have room for two. These are the candidates, from which one must be culled.

I also sort of like these below, but only sort of. Except for the bear butt. I really like that one. Sort of.

Now that I see them all lined up here, I guess the only one I really like is that Yosemite one with the fat tree feet. I don’t know.

Oh , yeah. government shutdown. If they do shut down and stay shut down during the time when the last-minute Annies are trying to file tax returns, that would really put their federal revenue in a sling, wouldn’t it?


14 thoughts on ““The Den” Again

  1. I like both of the ones with the bears, but then again, I’m a sucker for animal prints. With the exception of my antique mirror collection, all of my wall art has an image of a horse, a dog, a bear, a fox or some combination of the above.

  2. Those are all gorgeous, Suzette. Have you been to all of those parks? I think I’d base my decision on where I’d visited and what I liked best there.
    Would you mind sharing where you found them?

    I was thinking about the park closure issue too. I think local parks will close too, but couldn’t one always park nearby and hike in?

    • Aren’t these the greatest?

      The top three plus the Lake Crescent Lodge one from the bottom are from The Parks Company. It’s kind of hard to see the selection there but you’ll have fun looking through them . It was hard to decide. I actually found some of them on eBay, too. These are all posters only.

      The two Yellowstone ones on the lower level came from Art.com. They have a choice of regular poster, giclee print or print on canvas – all in multiple sizes.

      Both links have a big selection of this retro style park posters.

  3. I like the one with the old car in front of the lodge and the spray of Old Faithful looming over it like some monster about to attack. Pick up some tourists and suck out their entrails. Yep. That one.

  4. 2 bear posters
    3 lodge posters
    4 Yellowstone posters
    As a Wyoming girl I choose Yosemite! No rhyme or reason, just rank disloyalty, and the fact that there is no sign of civilization.

  5. I’m liking the first one and the last one.

    Colonial Williamsburg is run by a private non-profit originally funded by the Rockefellers. Filthy Capitalist swine! So feel free to visit and know your money doesn’t go to Project ACORN or Third World gangsters.

    • CW is one of my favorite places — perhaps my favorite — on the planet and worthy of anyone’s financial support, however modest, IMHO. It’s beautiful, educational, fun, and NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. There are religious nuts with guns in period garb running all over the place. Heh.

  6. Yosemite definitely, the rest, meh.

    Not sure if it would be available, but something from Bryce Canyon or Arcadia would be awesome.

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