Obama Launches Re-election Campaign

Election 2012 is already proving to be highly entertaining to me. First of all the official campaign website is actually ASKING for email comments about citizen concerns. I plan on making use of that feature*, but first things first:  As noted at Ace of Spades, the first campaign video has been released. I have a question – does Katherine from Colorado look familiar to you?

One Katherine is charged with sending death threats, bomb scares and terroristic threats to Republican officials and their families. The other one is charged with bad taste in jewelry.

*Partial list of concerns:

  • what are those scars on Obama’s coconut?
  • whither the hosiery industry in light of bare-legged Mrs. O’s fashion influence?
  • what will we eat when we can’t afford arugula anymore?
  • what do you mean no more planes out of Cuba?**

** that one is from Jimmy Carter

UPDATE: And here I thought that Obama was going to run on his *ahem* past accomplishments. But no. He just issued a statement that he’s going to control cancer. CONTROL CANCER. It’s not enough that he’s controlling who has power in the Mid-East plus who gets the contracts for the soft drink machines in America’s elementary schools (hint: it’s a union), but now he’s going to control cancer, too.  Now even the bitter clingers will vote for him, by golly.

UPDATE 2: Oops! Not him – us. Nevermind.

We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for! What took us so long?

9 thoughts on “Obama Launches Re-election Campaign”

  1. I thought she looked familiar. Good catch!
    Why do the White women who support BO have to look like flashbacks to the 1970’s hippies. Or do all Democrat supporting women look like that?

  2. I am a Contrarian…under deep cover. Infact, I plan on ‘having some Free Speech good fun n’at on my little bloggy.’ Due to living in a very, very blue part of the country (and wanting to be able to vote for local yokel office holders) I am a registered Democrat. I am. The Democratic party left me…long ago. But I still get to vote in PA’s primary for the weakest Dim possible (though in an odd weird way, I am still proud that PA went for Hillary! In the Dim primary–limbaugh should have given us all lifetime Rush 24/7 memberships for that).

    But I plan on offering my own queries on all things Obama.

    Regular or menthol?

    Is he afraid of Michelle?

    What the ‘second’ most beautiful sound on earth?

    Fun times! And I hope we all get nearby bunks at Club Gitmo! 🙂

  3. Control? Is this a change in language from former years? Didn’t they used to say Cancer Awareness? Asks Captain Obvious.

  4. They’re against cancer? Why didn’t republicans think of that? Maybe in order to control cancer, he’ll make himself quit smoking and make MOO (and the rest of us who need to) lose weight. He won’t control cancer– he’ll control us. It’s going to be a really long time until we get a new president.

  5. Fire the transcriber. It was supposed to say “control *the* cancers.” Next month they’ll focus on the virgos.

    This administration seems to have a real problem with messaging.

  6. The 2008 Campaign was all about promises since a) he had no real past experience and b) what little he had was obfuscated beneath a tsunami of campaign money.

    Now that he actually has 4 years of a highly documented past performance let’s see if they go the promise route again. I’m guessing they will try – what else can they do, since there is no actual list of accomplishments. (Positive ones, that is.)

    Dems win elections by polarizing the electorate into interest groups (ethnic, cultural, financial) and pitting them against one another. 2012 will be no exception. Expect Obama and his handlers to go tribal, with the critical tribe being Hispanic voters.

    As for his chances? That depends entirely upon who the Republicans nominate. My dream ticket at this point (subject to shameless change at any moment) would be Romney/Bachman.

    Mitt Romney is somewhere smack dab in the middle of the GOP electorate, with executive skills, a reasonable track record and has been running, in effect, since 2008. Michele Bachman brings a Palin-esque excitement to the proceedings, she draw female voters away from the Democrats and she is a killer fund-raiser.

    I doubt this will be the last comment I make along these lines. Be forewarned.

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