I’ll See Your Raised Beds and Raise You Three 5 Gallon Buckets

The sap has started running all over the internet and there’s a lot of chatter about raised garden beds. I applaud all who undertake this enterprise and wish them well. For myself, I gave up raised bed gardening in the 80s after I had the laughable naiveté to submit photos of my own to Organic Gardening magazine.

This year, I’m going to trellis bucket-planted cucumbers up the side of my deck.

things in tires

I came across a recycling idea of stacking old ties as garden containers and that sort of appeals to me except that I’m afraid Sami will embrace the mission of bringing home old tires long after I have lost enthusiasm for the idea.

We’ve already got a collection of 5-gallon buckets.

6 thoughts on “I’ll See Your Raised Beds and Raise You Three 5 Gallon Buckets”

  1. We use old tires to grow potatoes. Plant one tire, and when it starts getting taller, put another on top and fill it with dirt. Continue this throughout the growing season; you should have 5 or 6 tires stacked by harvest time. Just knock the pile over and pick out the taters!

    If you ever decide to try straw bale gardening, please don’t burn the straw at the end of the season. I did that last year, and wound up in the hospital on a respirator. Seems the fertilizers and mold are not good for your lungs.

  2. Love that use for old tires! I’m thinking the tires might be better at retaining moisture than some other materials.

  3. We have discovered, previously disguised by climbing weeds and general brush, a HUGE pile of tires in the back fields of Chez Tincan. Seriously, like 50 or so. Either someone anticipated your trend or there are a lot of tire swings a-waitin’ to be born.
    I doubt the latter, since our usual bodies of water are the 5 inch deep puddles we call “lawn.”

  4. Kudos to all future backyard farmers.
    Here in the southwest (flyover country) where the temp can reach 115degrees, growing anything has to be done in the ‘winter’ months. Most of us are too concerned with water conservation to try to grow anything here.
    I do love home-grown tomatoes. If you have any extra send them to Arizona.

  5. Here in Wyoming we have a great crop of icicles from the roof to the 3 foot snowbanks. It’s not looking good for anything else for a long while. We’ll talk in June.

  6. My husband built me some planters out of recycled 24″ steel pipe. (He’s in the steel biz.) They are great, and the metal really holds the heat, so tomatoes love them.

    I think black tires will probably also hold the heat, so it sounds like a nice idea.

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