In Which I Amuse Myself


I’m exhausted from work work work so I’m taking a day off today.  I’m going to be driving to Philadelphia.  BFD, amirite? Well, yes actually it is. It is because I make it so.

My route takes me over the Ben Franklin Bridge, which I privately think  of as the BFB. When ever I see signs approaching the BFB, I mentally shout at myself BFD! BFD! And when I’m actually driving over it, I congratulate myself for having pulled off such a BFD.

I really need this day off.



Safe at home. The entire trip was accomplished under dark skies through intermittent rain accompanied to a classic radio sound track heavy on KC and the Sunshine Band. No one should have to suffer like that. The experience was only slightly mitigated by the sight of forsythia blooming alongside every highway. Wasn’t a bad day at all.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Amuse Myself

  1. Somehow, while the bridge is a BFD, the location for a day off seems—not—unless there are children there.

  2. We have bridges in Phoenix that cross over dry river beds. Bridges that cross over valleys. Bridges that cross over freeways.
    We don’t have toll roads, anywhere. Where the city ends, the barren desert begins.
    It is peaceful.

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