International Newspapers Scoop the U.S.

Why is it that we have to turn to the foreign newspapers for hard-hitting investigation? Once again, the British press scoops the American free press with important information – this time, about what’s in Hillary’s handbag.

now she’s carrying around TWO pink handbags

“Chilli flakes, mineral water spray, a medical kit, mesh bags, make-up and some photographs in case of autograph requests are among the items that reside in Mrs Clinton’s purse, according to her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. They comprise a partial list of essentials”

Okay. I have a couple of questions.

(1) Huma Abedin is her deputy chief of staff? Didn’t she retire from the Hillary business when she married dashing NY state representative Anthony Weiner? Seems to me that it would be a 24/7 job to be the Mrs. to that great catch (Gag, pretend, barf. Gag, pretend, barf. etc.).

(2) All of a sudden HRC is all about pink? I don’t believe I’ve even seen an image of her dressed in pink, accessorized with pink, carrying pink or even standing near pink until last month’s revelation in Harper’s Bazaar that she “adores” her hot pink Ferragamo bag.

(3) And handbags? As you know, I’ve made it my business to scour the internet for evidence of Hillary with a handbag, and there was none until the aforementioned article. Now not only are they releasing information about HRC’s bags, but we are getting in-depth information about what’s inside her bag?

This bears watching. Something is going on.

I am grateful though for my own ability to put 2 and 2 together. Information gleaned from this article solves the mystery about the limp and unattractive hairdos Hill’s been sporting lately. Now that we know she carries around  “refreshing mineral water spray”, it does look as though her hair got doused. Maybe she refreshes herself with a  little mineral water mist before every public appearance.


13 thoughts on “International Newspapers Scoop the U.S.

  1. MrsClinton is the most powerful woman in the US (after MrsPalin), maybe the world and they demean her by talking about her travelling bag. The world, dominated by men, have always belittled women who aspire to and gain power. The MSM attacks on MrsClinton when she was FLOTUS were almost as bad as the current war against MrsPalin (and her whole family).
    No news organization would report something as trivial as what the Prez carries in his pockets, nor would anyone care.

  2. “She also carries head shots – in case anyone asks for a signed photo”

    Isn’t that a bit, oh-I-don’t-know… pretentious?

    Why not just carry a sharpie? Most autograph seekers have something to write ON.

    Gag me. Please.

  3. Forget the bag for a second. Are we going to keep silent about that shirt? That shirt that is to fashion what macaroni-paper-plate art is to Mona Lisa?
    It’s official. Michelle is contagious. Soon all of DC/Rio/Hawaii/France will be wearing a sack of piglets in their pants and calling it stylish.

  4. But wait, what’s in the other bag? groceries, her lunch, take-out, shopping purchases. We want to know. She has worn pink before. It was more of a “blush” and it was for the “pretty in pink” interview she did after the Monica story came out. I remember she was sitting under a Lincoln portrait, but I don’t remember if she had a purse.

  5. I just read this after seeing something on Twitter about how every female impersonator show should have a drag queen Nancy Grace.

  6. I think she’s making off with the more portable items from the WH that she can resell later. After all there’s no other reason to resort to telling us what’s in the bag(s) except to say “nothing to see here… move along”.

    Interesting that they mention the ipad. I hope someone is keeping tabs on her so she’s not putting classified documents on it.

    I was nearly distracted enough by the shirt to forget the bags themselves. Good grief.

  7. Mebbes if we dump out the pink Ferragamo we will find Barky’s Birth Certificate and college transcripts. Along with fuzzy Mentos; the other end of Bill’s GPS transponder; and an authographed fez…’hugs, Moammar.’

  8. She has a bit of history with the color pink. I recall that she was wearing a pink suit during the infamous interview during which which she lied through her teeth about how she made a bundle trading cattle futures.

    She’s no damned good.

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