Decorating Genius – Clue #4

Today’s clue about the genius decor item concerns the form: it’s in the shape of an animal. It’s a realistic rendering of an animal, not a stylized or cartoonish  representation.

Our game so far:

  • Theme: Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock
  • Venue: eBay
  • Dimensions: 10 ” high x 14″ long x 3 1/2″ wide
  • Material: 5 pounds of metal
  • Color: copper
  • Form: animal.

Commenter guesses:

  • a big clock
  • an aquarium made from glass block
  • a boob belt
  • a flat-back snow globe
  • pine cone basket
  • street sign/road sign
  • wreath made of cast-iron pine cones
  • replica of a miniature working gin mill
  • a big ass tray / bucket
  • Michelle’s latest bra
  • a doll made to look like Moo
  • Mrs O’s new wristwatch
  • George Hamilton’s thigh
  • a giant magnolia-bloom-copper-clad brooch
  • a copper-colored plate or tray
  • a grandfather / cuckoo-type clock with those hanging gadgets that look like metal pine cones

10 thoughts on “Decorating Genius – Clue #4”

  1. Metal horse, with saddle and reins, standing next to a clock. We used to get them at the county fair.

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