Decorating Genius – Clue #5

Today’s clue about the genius decor item concerns the age: it’s from the 50s. Things of this type started appearing in the 40s but I know from the reported history by the eBay seller that this specific one was acquired new in the 50s. I’d be surprised if there were still news ones coming into the market – I can’t really imagine that there are because it’s a passé kind of thing but I don’t really frequent the types of places where a person could find out.

The big reveal happens at 11pm ET tonight so make your last guesses now.

Our game so far:

  • Overall Decor Theme: Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock
  • Venue: eBay
  • Dimensions: 10 ” high x 14″ long x 3 1/2″ wide
  • Material: 5 pounds of metal
  • Color: copper
  • Form: animal
  • Age: ~60 years old

Commenter guesses:

  • a big clock
  • an aquarium made from glass block
  • a boob belt
  • a flat-back snow globe
  • pine cone basket
  • street sign/road sign
  • wreath made of cast-iron pine cones
  • replica of a miniature working gin mill
  • a big ass tray / bucket
  • Michelle’s latest bra
  • a doll made to look like Moo
  • Mrs O’s new wristwatch
  • George Hamilton’s thigh
  • a giant magnolia-bloom-copper-clad brooch
  • a copper-colored plate or tray
  • a grandfather / cuckoo-type clock with those hanging gadgets that look like metal pine cones
  • metal horse with embedded clock on its side
  • a lawn deer
  • a moose vase
  • a cast iron deer, standing on pine cones with a clock embedded in it’s tummy
  • owls and bears cuckoo clock
  • a piggy bank
  • Stedman
  • metal horse, with saddle and reins, standing next to a clock
  • a weather vane
  • large copper owl/deer/raccoon with clock in belly
  • a copper stag with a clock between its antlers with pine cones scattered all around, all around
  • a copper casting of a corgi that looks exactly like Stedman
  • a big copper tray
  • a coppery colored, free formed, mid century modern wall vase
  • a coppery Sputnik clock, pine cones on the points

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