One Blogger’s Trash Is Another Blogger’s Treasure

Who ever would have guessed that Rocket Jones, horror film maven, soup maker and rocketman, would be sitting on top of vintage Tupperware treasure? Does he know me or what? Not only did he come across this bright red spoon rest and offer to send it to me, but he threw in the nicest -and most useful -surprises.

2 magnets, and olive scoop an my exact shade of red

Sami took over the spoon rest and uses it to hold his strainer spoon of loose tea leaves and his plastic McDonald’s stirrer for his nightly tea ceremony, which begins with “Add loose tea leaves to saucepan full of water and boil furiously for 10 minutes.” The magnets will come in handy to hang printed recipes on the range hood directly over the gas flame, because what is cooking if not an adventure?


action shot

Quality of life greatly improved! Thanks, Ted.

3 thoughts on “One Blogger’s Trash Is Another Blogger’s Treasure”

  1. I remember those little magnets! I never made it through a Tupperware party long enough to get one, but I remember them. Perhaps from a dream.

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