Professional Dog

Here is Stedman attending a nation-wide corporate conference call from the floor of my bedroom. He must be spellbound by the content because he hasn’t moved a muscle since the call started.

HONK-shu be be be be be. HONK-shu be be be be be.

He went for a bath on Monday and they must have shoved the hose down this throat and blew him up because I don’t think he was that tubby when he went in. Of course, we did recently teach him to take his dog treats to the kitchen mat instead of making a slobby mess at his preferred location – the dining room carpet. We are so thrilled that he actually does this that the amount of treats he gets – kind of a quality control to be sure the training still holds – has increased X3.


9 thoughts on “Professional Dog

  1. It’s all in the perspective. I tell myself that when I get out of the shower. I believe it too. (sort of)

  2. On the other hand, our hound mix not only doesn’t gain weight, I have lost ten pounds since giving in to his need for aerobic walks twice a day.

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