Say Goodnight, Gracie

The last time I painted the den, I took 3 Stangl coffeepots from the fireplace mantle and packed them away for safekeeping. They haven’t seen the light of day since. So, today in preparation for another go round of fresh paint sometime in the near future, I took down my Stangl pitchers from the top of the bookcases. Just in case they stay packed away for an extended period (likely), let’s have one last look:

Stangl pitchers left to right: Yellow, Tulip, big Bittersweet, little Bittersweet, Garland, Country Flowers, Golden Blossom.

Some of these are in perfect condition, some are not. My favorite is the poor disadvantaged Yellow Tulip, which was a factory second. I can’t imagine how this one even got out of the factory – it’s the worst case of slipped slip I’ve ever seen. Look at the backside:

You can see the brown clay through the thin layer of slip that did nmanage to adhere. I’m surprised they didn’t smash this right on the line.

There was also a very nice Bittersweet teapot, creamer and sugar bowl up there.

Sami’s eyes lit up when he saw this teapot come down because he thought we were going to start using it for the nightly tea ritual.

The red clay is not that strudy – one bang against a faucet during the wash-up and a big chip would expose the unglazed innards and let water under the last layer of glaze to make a brown blotch. We’re not careful people -I don’t mind using this stuff. I do. But not every night. So it had to be packed up.

We did have two great Rockingham pots for most of our married life.  My son took one to California and my daughter took the other to Philadelphia. I guess it’s time to talk about a replacement. Well, it’s a dreary business but I guess SOMEONE will have to force themselves to scour eBay for just the right one.


3 thoughts on “Say Goodnight, Gracie

  1. It’s so unselfish of you to devote your time to such drudgery. My sister saw and wants the Paula Deen bean pot you mentioned, so it’s a far far better thing you do here than you know.

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