Notes From the Kitchen

Progress report: Yesterday, I was feeling  well enough  to  resume my duties as a powerful executive business woman♦. Today I am well enough to deploy the domestic side of Suzette.

Actually, I had to haul the carcass out of my sickbed due to an ultimatum from corporate accounting to submit my expenses by Friday or else♥. So I had to go to my office to use a certain secure system to do that. The good news is:

  • did not faint or keel over
  • got it done

The bad news is:

  • looked like hell
  • people saw me

Encouraged by that successful physical accomplishment yesterday, today I am shifting into high domestic gear. By which I mean I am defrosting boneless chicken breasts and creating artisanal bread crumbs out of old Wonder Bread♣.

Also, from Our Department of Shrewd Kitchen Decorating: here is a picture of one of the Pier One placements that I made a killing on for $1.04 each. It is displayed on top of the $29.00 Cobalt Blue Cotton Terry Hobnail Style Tablecloth that I got to go with it.

I bought these because I thought the border design was crossed flatware. It isn’t. I wasn’t disappointed though because it reminds me of lobsters and I like anything lobstery. Although I don’t actually HAVE anything lobstery. (Note to self: eBay.)

Your Suzette is no slouch. Judge Judy agrees.


♦ as if

♥ or else I get cut off

♣ ran out of ready-made bread crumbs


12 thoughts on “Notes From the Kitchen

  1. Applause on your placemat bonanza! I love ‘red’ accessories. Sadly, due to my lingering flu cough/exhaustion, we are still in ‘holly and snowmen’ as our ‘motif.’ If I don’t rally soon, the Easter bunny bond with Frosty.

    • Not feeding off your obvious misery, but we have only been in the ILI since Super Bowl Sunday. Mercifully we decided this would be a spartan Christmas, no tree and minimal decor, as we were to have few if any visitors.

      (The last time I had one of those was during a “single woman” phase when I had a gorgeous red hibiscus in bloom. Period. Grandchildren ended up on my doorstep and it was hastily decorated with little white twinkle lights. Little kids are so forgiving – they thought Grandma was an exotic. But I digress.)

      Best wishes to all who are suffering…. Ten days = good fortune; two weeks, not bad. But longer is not out of the question. One good thing: found by trial and error that generic Zithromax is wizard antibiotic – two the first day all at once, then one a day for only four more days. Equivalent of 30 doses of conventional antibiotic. No upset stomach. Yessssssssss.

  2. OMG you must finish up the corporate stuff and the decorating and get on a hot story: MOO is skiing with Sausage and Malaria. Skiing.

    MOO. In ski pants.

    • She Who Must Be Obeyed and the Wonlets in ski togs – taken last year, but we know she can’t look any better after the last food-filled year.

      (Url says 2/2011, it’s believed that this is from last year’s trip to Liberty Mountain, which is only 60 minutes “from the seat of power – how cool” – Mooch’s words.)

      • I usually refrain from the fashionista aspect of politics (unqualified, but since when does that matter anymore?!)

        But since we have a rotund governor now and I have seen him in person a few times, I notice he wears clothes tailored to conceal at least the worst features, including longer than usual suit jackets.

        FLOTUS seems to regale in short jackets (as shown in the Lulu link) that emphasize rather than minimize her posterior. Is this cluelessness or an attempt to re-attain her “blackness” with Baby Got Back?

        Paging Sir Mix-a-lot!

      • I saw that pic too! I think it is from the current ski trip? I saw the “seat of power” comment she made. I laughed at her use of the word “seat.” I wasn’t supposed to laugh, but I did.

  3. I didn’t know there was anything but breadcrumbs from old Wonder bread. I’ve been an artisan all this time and didn’t even know it.

    Or, maybe, I’ve just been lame and didn’t get the joke.

  4. The artisan angle is new to me. Perhaps Wonder should use that to reintroduce itself to Berkley, Californina. Wonder Bread is illegal there. I assume.

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