Hillary And The Big Pink Bag

Hillary Clinton on Chelsea, Grandchildren and Handbags

Hillary Clinton: Myth and Reality, Harper’s Bazaar Feb 2011

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising development? As you know, my own extensive research has proven not only does Hillary NOT carry a handbag but also how she manages without one (see here). And yet – all of a sudden, here we have a glimpse of HRC positively gushing over her handbag. And not just a generic object – she makes sure to note that it’s a specific designer bag of a decidedly freaky nature. AND THERE ARE PICTURES!

am I dreaming?

Readers, I am struck dumb by this. I confess that it took me the whole morning to process this. And then it came to me – it’s business as usual for old Hill. She does something completely out of character to attract attention to herself that makes news immediately before a bomb drops about something in their personal lives.

So what’s up, Hilz? What could be looming on the horizon that earned a spread in Harper’s Bazaar where you are delightfully portrayed as a person who gets Dancing With The Stars updates on a regular basis from your mother, takes long walks in the woods with your husband and the dogs (Editor’s note: dogs? what dogs?), cleans out the kitchen drawers in Chappaqua and muses about a future as a hands-on grandmother. That’s a powerful lot of warm fuzzy imagery packed into one article, to say nothing of the glamor shots that accompany the text. And girl talk about a handbag THAT YOU ADORE. Speaking as if you were a Gabor sister – I declare that I still cannot fully wrap myself around this.

Whatever could be up?

Distraction Option Filtering Process

24 thoughts on “Hillary And The Big Pink Bag”

  1. It’s a two-fer because I’d bet she’s getting a hefty retainer for the public gushing and hefting of the aforementioned pink monstrosity. Product placement.

  2. Ferragamo. Gives her a little status, oomph. And distracts. Very big on distraction these days. While the Middle East erupts. Ain’t gravitas grand?

  3. Yeah. There’s also a big dose of “We’re Just Folks” in this, too. But, as usual, the impression is immediately undone – it’s not just a bag, but a Ferragamo, a purse that will set you back several car payments. (I’m guessing she didn’t pick that up at the Target.)

    It’s the Uncanny Valley in action: they try so hard to simulate everydayness, but it’s impossible. It’s like commiserating with commuters about parking because it’s so hard for the chauffer to maneuver the SUV with so many police escorts in the way.

  4. The big pink handbag is to distract from the unhappy. What could be making her unhappy? Hahahah! I shouldn’t be so gleeful when someone else is unhappy, but it’s Hill and I am!

    I think you are on to something.

  5. I really love purses, and since I doubt I will EVER afford a Ferragamo of my own, I will bitterly cling to my “new2me” Coach and snarkily add…”Maybe Hil has Barry’s Birth Certificate in there.”

  6. >>>(Editor’s note: dogs? what dogs?)

    Maybe they mean Chelsea. (oof, that was pretty mean, huh?)

    Also: Husband? What husband? They go on walks together? Has anyone seen the two of them in the same room since that funeral a few months ago?

  7. I snapped an iPhone pic of a gossip mag cover about the divorce just yesterday! Maybe I should post it on my site and invite comment. Or not. Your charts are so helpful. I can get the gist at a glance. They’re like study aids. I will ace this test if I have to pull an all-nighter.

  8. While I was reading the article about Hillary I was wondering how you would handle this surprising Suzette-ish type devotion to an object.

    I must learn to never doubt you. Your perfect snarkalysis surprised me but it shouldn’t have. I’m your devoted follower for life.

  9. I was going to say I kind of like the bag itself… the big pink one, not the one carrying the big pink one. Then I realized 1. you might disown me and B. I already have what I call a Gay Cowboy Doctor Bag and it might get jealous.

    In other news, your new infographics approach is making me more smarter. I liek.

  10. Could be the distraction is because two of HC’s biggest bundlers are up on Federal charges of kickbacks for campaing contributions? Looks like they might be spending up to 27 years in prison…..just saying???!!

  11. I cannot imagine walking around with a bag in my hand like that. If it’s not a shoulder bag, I can’t deal. That makes me think that this whole thing is a put-on.

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