I WANT To Like This. I Really do.

It’s cold out and there’s nothing much to do except laundry and eBay surfing. Here we have a needlepoint pillow of a tri-colored PWC just like Stedman. and I want to like it but I can’t.

the goofy expression is a plus

  1. Whoever made it did a very bad job of hiding the end of the brown thread in the beige background field. Rookie mistake.
  2. Red might have seemed like a good choice for the tongue and mouth in concept but it should have been obvious in the first few stitches taht it needed toning down.
  3. The expression is absolutely right on and that makes me think that maybe this would be an acceptable little throw pillow after all.
  4. Evidence that this pillow was handmade by an actual corgi lover:  a clinging dog hair. I find that enchanting


UPDATE! No wonder this looks like a realistic corgi expression. I bet whoever made it went to this website to convert a photograph into a needlepoint pattern.

They give you not only the pattern but the thread color by  brand name and number.

Oh yeah. It’s on.


7 thoughts on “I WANT To Like This. I Really do.

  1. I agree, the red tongue is disturbing. The image seems to say, “Look what a precious little doggie I am and, oh, btw, I ate grandma!”

  2. I was happily contemplating getting a needlepoint pattern of my grandchildren when I scrolled down to see BOO and MOO. Took the joy right out of it. THEY should have the red yarn. BTW Do get the one of Stedman, It’s adorable.

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