Sunday Morning Update: I slept on it and now that I’m awake, I find that I am still gripped by pine cone mania. Once I read that you could dust silk flowers by putting them into a bag with dry corn meal and shaking. The gritty meal would knock off the dust but wouldn’t cling to the flowers. I plan on cleaning any giant pine cone I might happen to purchase in the same manner SO DON’T WORRY IT’S ALL GOOD.


Sunday Morning Update 2: I also had the great idea of using spray paint in a hammered copper finish to revive an old ceramic lamp I have sitting around doing nothing. Very economical! Then I will buy a $50 lamp shade to offset my thrift.


For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, you missed the warning.

Maybe  all those snow-tipped tress in Colorado that I was looking at worked their way into my subconscious, but whatever the reason, today I find myself overtaken by the idea that I should redecorate in a pine cone theme. So I took to the internet and browsed around eBay for a while using only “pine cone” as the search.


I would buy these except I only need one.

I confess that I am puzzled about exactly which popular hair style is being referenced here.

I wonder if I’m going to be needing some acorn caps, too.


6 thoughts on “Day-cor

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but this description seems a little obsessive. I’ve never cared that deeply about a pine cone.

  2. I am most concerned by the highlighted line ‘these are more like the hairstyle that is popular now.’ Are we going to the see ‘pinecone’ hair adornments on QVC now? Has Me!chelle been tucking them into her wighats? I have missed something…hair?

  3. Regarding your Sunday morning update Suzette…

    IF you go to buy your spray paint in person at the Home Depot. Bring ID. I recently, in a fabulous stroke of decor genius (and thriftyness) decided that an almost thirty year old, wine rack (brass colored) needed to be used (again) but needed to be ‘wrought iron’ in finish. Off to the Home Depot to buy one can of Rustoleum Black Hammered finish spray paint.

    I had to ‘present’ my Driver’s License to the clerk…because we all know middle aged, female, wannabe decorators, are all about hanging off of overpasses in our free time spray painting (in huge puffy letters) their ‘name’ was here.

    I guess the PA Turnpike is safe…no ‘Mary Was Here’ in faux wrought iron.

    (and I haven’t actually spray painted my wine rack yet…too cold even in the garage for the paint to set).

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