The Short List

Things I was thankful for on Thursday:

  • junk shops like Christmas Tree Shops that sell $2.99  vinyl tablecloths
  • Chinet

  • the Giants, reverently displayed
  • beautiful fluffy snowflakes that fell for half an hour and then made themselves disappear
  • no traffic at all coming or going on the turnpike or in Philadelphia itself
  • the butter turkey


    10 thoughts on “The Short List

    1. Love the butter turkey. Your blog is the first I’ve ever heard of them. But, living in the wilds of Wyoming leaves me out of many conversations.

    2. There’s a butter turkey? How have I lived to the ripe old age of [mumble] without a butter turkey!?

      Love the table; so happy. So… promising.

    3. I blame ‘big dairy’ for the lack of charactature butters anymore. Its almost (and I am saying ‘almost’) Soviet in the bareness of the dairy case, in major supermarket chains (yes, I am calling YOU out Giant Eagle!) that no longer carry turkey, Santa, or bunny shaped butters at the holidays.

      (And yes, I did look for them!)….hope ya had a nice Turkey Day Suzette and family 🙂

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