Ill-Advised Baby Gifts From eBay

I could have produced 10 times the amount of  baby wear with crude sayings from eBay listings, but this is enough to catch my drift, isn’t it? eBay can be a very depressing place.


12 thoughts on “Ill-Advised Baby Gifts From eBay

  1. Sure, let’s sexualize the baby so Mom and Dad can make their friends squirm.
    This kind of thinking goes with the idiotic naming of children; names that are spelled phonetically, names that are a collection of letters and punctuation and ones that will definately make the child the butt of unending slurs in high school.

  2. Speaking of weird names. As a public school librarian in k-3 schools I see some doozies. My current favorites Eyezak, Dristin, Ahlivia, and Callin. (pronounced Col-linn and woe unto anyone who dares to say Kallen)

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