The New Mr Peanut

I daresay that it’s not just me who feels that vintage is better than new. It’s true for furniture, color-burst ashtrays and now corporate mascots. Kraft Foods has smacked down Planters Peanuts’ poor decision to streamline and modernize Mr. Peanut and brought back the dapper, ridged Mr. Peanut of old. Sort of.

(l) vintage * (c) modern * (r) return to tradition


The ridges are back, the arched eyebrow over the monocle is just right and some formal wear has been added to enhance that top hat. The newest version also has the advantage of having Robert Downey Jr inside that costume. Watch the new commercial where Mr Peanut is Mr Cool and displays some wicked cane fu.

Mr Peanut is in my blood. I hope they continue to do right by him. I am trying to ignore the lack of depth in his shell, his suspiciously blobby physique and the worrisome suspicion that the commercial people simply used a California Raisin and spray painted it yellow.

1 thought on “The New Mr Peanut”

  1. Ah! 2007 and the worst thing to see on TV was Hillary’s mustache. How I long for those simple old times. Bring back the old peanut and the old nut.

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