The She-Woman’s Raisin Lovers Club

There’s a pair of roommates in West Philadelphia who are going to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for four parents, one aunt and one uncle,  a sister, a brother-in-law, two resident cats and a visiting corgi. One of the roommates can’t tell the difference between a kiwi and an avocado and the other one wouldn’t go within 10 feet of a turkey if her life depended on it. Sounds like fun.

On the plus side, it’s not my business to wonder where enough plates, chairs and big spoons will come from. On the super plus plus side, this is my chance to reintroduce the Martha Stewart Double Raisin Pie with the crust made out of lovely, flaky pate brisee. The drips that I usually hang around with reject raisin pie – in fact, raisins in general – completely so I will be glad to have some new blood to indoctrinate into the cult of hot and juicy raisins.


10 thoughts on “The She-Woman’s Raisin Lovers Club

  1. Thanksgiving sounds like fun and after reading the recipe for the pie I know visions of plump juicy raisins will be dancing in my head tonight.

  2. Are raisins a key to health like your vinegar or am I confusing you with someone else who eats gin-soaked raisins for their arthritis?

    Or am i simply confusing you?

    • I did try the gin soaked raisins at one point – they were delish but I don’t think they were therapeutic. It is vinegar season, of course, and I have started my daily regimen. don’t think it will save me from VPDs coming over the borders, but for fending off he common respiratory onslaught, it’s just great.

      (Now that you are all my health deputies, I feel that I can refer to vaccine-preventable diseases as VPDs.)

  3. I can’t help but notice that what Martha Stewart is calling “pate brisee”, I call “regular pie crust”. My personal tip about that, by the way, is when she says “cold butter” I take that to mean “I cut the butter into small pieces and then kept them in the freezer for an hour or two”. COLD. Don’t , by the way, try to cut up frozen butter. You have better things to do with your arm strength than that.

    Also – those leaf pie crust cutters are the bomb-diggity. They completely work.

    • I concur! My dad was obsessed with raisin filled cookies. I never could figure that out. The reason raisins are optional in recipes is because kids hate them.

      • Oh, no! I adore hermits and those Sunshine raisin biscuits that they don’t make anymore. (Though Garibaldi biscuits from the UK come fairly close.) And Eccles cakes!

        The raisin pie sounds fab. Love sour cream-and-raisin pie, too. I have a great recipe for something called an Apple Harvest Tart which calls for golden and dark raisins, chopped figs, apricots, fresh apples and walnuts, simmered and softened with a little orange juice and brandy and baked in a shell. Yum.

  4. Raisins are an abomination unto the Lord.

    My Sister and I made a point of hiding the raisins whenever possible, to keep Mom from putting them in cookies. Horrible little things.

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