Suicide Christmas Chihuahua

Oh Pancho! Oh Vixen ! Oh Pedro! Oh Blitzen! Ole! Ole! Ole-aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The thing I like most about this item is the novel fusion of a sombrero and a Santa cap, as evidenced by that little white pom pom. Advertisements

The Short List

Things I was thankful for on Thursday: junk shops like Christmas Tree Shops that sell $2.99  vinyl tablecloths Chinet the Giants, reverently displayed beautiful fluffy snowflakes that fell for half an hour and then made themselves disappear no traffic at all coming or going on the turnpike or in Philadelphia itself the butter turkey

Royal Wedding Fever

Who among us doesn’t like a good royal wedding? I’m just as much a fan of a royal wedding as the next guy.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about the royal wedding a lot lately: The royal wedding has inspired more wedding memorabilia than you can imagine. You think you can imagine, but you can’t…

Hello Again 1970s

Too busy to blog! Intense preparations underway to invade Philadelphia for Thanksgiving armed with as many appetizers, side dishes and desserts as we can fit into a small car along with a reluctant dog and his crate. This is the trinity that sits waiting for the 70s to come back again. Or for Thursday. Whichever…