Urban Dog

This week:

  • I’m going to Nashville,
  • Sami’s going to Wilkes-Barre
  • Stedman’s going to Philadelphia

It’s a dry-run for Stedman to see how he takes to being an urban dog. During the 4 days that he’s there, he’ll become familiar with Malcolm X Park, be able to jump up onto the couches like he did when they were here and have 2 cats for roommates. I think the cats will first hide from him, then attack him and finally fall in love with him when they find out he’s a non-stop lick machine.

Note to the cats: hide your food.


From Our Department of Golden Oldies: Remember when Stedman used to tweet? He was funny.


5 thoughts on “Urban Dog

  1. If Stedman has the same success integrating with 2 room mate cats that my daughters little cat has had trying to make friends with our spoiled old tabby there will be spitting and nasty catty remarks being made even after a year of trying. Maybe the fact that he can’t his will help his cause.

  2. Stedman is so charming, I’m sure he will even charm the cats. You’ll probably hear some good stories from the overseer though.

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