Leaves That Are Green

UPDATE: Congratulate me. I just won the eBay auction for ashtray #1. Go ahead – mock me if you feel you must. Someday you will all be coveting homemade ceramics with color-burst paint drips on it. Just remember that I showed you the way.


Announcement! I have lost my passion for a book stack side table.

Two things occurred:
1. I actually did purchase one (the one with the drawer), but I used the new account that we opened when we bought the furniture and it turns out my name is not on that account as a user. Probably because these are feudal times and I am chattel. This is what happens when the chattel wanders over to the throw pillow display and 2 vassals are left alone to set up the account. Lesson learned.

But I see that I’m drifting away from the point here.

Anyway, I told the person on the phone that I have an older account in my own name and let’s just charge it there. But they wanted me to tell them the account number instead of looking it up themselves. I said I would call them back but even then, I knew I wouldn’t because like, who is the vassal in THIS transaction? So the order was canceled and I’m okay with that.

2. I was discussing with Sami the possibility of creating a book stack table from the old World Books. He surprised me by calmly speculating that was a poor option because it would be so heavy, we’d be struggling to move it for position adjustment, cleaning and so forth. His lack of passionate opposition to the concept withered my passionate advocacy and just like that, I lost interest.

But now that leaves me without a striking accent piece. The new sofa and chair, in a stunning APPLE GREEN VELVET, has plain lines and is near the Big Black Wall of Television so there’s a need for a little eye-catcher somewhere in the room. Right now, we’re using a low woven bread basket as a holder for the remotes, so I was thinking some kind of giant vintage ashtray would be just the thing.

Right now, I find myself under the influence of  the “Aunt Leona’s Ceramic Class” school of design.

(1.) 10″ x8 , (2.) 14″ x 8″

(3) 14 1/2″ long, (4) 11″ x 7″

1. This one has the perfect coloration, also the most interesting pattern of drips. Slightly small – the DVR remote would hang over the ends.

2. Perfect size and layout. Would easily contain remotes. I’m not crazy about the avocado-toned base color. Nice drip pattern, though.

3. I  don’t even really like this one but I keep coming back to look at it. I think I’ve moved out of the ashtray division and into the chip ‘n dips. There is a subtle darkening of the glaze in the two wells, and that sort of saves it. I do not care at all for the matte-finish of the stem or the wood-graining there, but that is the instantly recognizable feature of Treasure Kraft pieces and that’s what this is.

4. To die for! Completely impractical for the use I have in mind, but you do recognize these as hosta leaves, don’t you? There’s a  little bit of aqua thread in my carpet so this would totally go. Doesn’t looking at it  just make your heart ache?


12 thoughts on “Leaves That Are Green

  1. I vote for #2. While I’m not crazy about the base color either, once you fill it with remotes, you won’t see it anyway. And it’s the right size/shape to get the job done. But I like the aqua in #4, too. Maybe for some other purpose? Like just to bring out the aqua in the rug? A totally acceptable reason to buy it, IMHO. So I vote you buy #2 for the remotes, and #4 for the aqua-enhancing properties.

  2. 12&3 are of the 60’s 4 is of the 50’s and therefore much more interesting to me. My grandmother had many items with #4 vibe and I love it. It reminds me of the original I Love Lucy show when they all went to California.

  3. You could have “oh look, they put the remotes in the ashtray” or (imo) “wow”
    Wow= a cut glass punch bowl with little glass marbles half way up so that you could stick the remotes in upright.

  4. Amazing! I have a companion piece to ashtray #1 stashed away someplace (no one smokes in our house anymore). Mine’s a slightly different shape with more brown on the bottom.

  5. I like 1 and 2. #1 reminds me of something you’d see in an Arhaus (http://www.arhaus.com/)catalog, which, by the way, is an excellent reference source for how to use and place accessories. I just got a new catalog in the mail last week and when I saw #1 thought of this:

    Also this:

    Whoever is in charge of their accessories division is a decorative accents genius.

    They’ve got a couple of stores in PA and one opening in NJ soon. Anyway, check out the website. It’s fun studying all the ideas.

  6. I like #4 but it looks vaguely internal-organish. And I’m that person who, if they had a gorgeous apple-green living room set, would throw some pale orange and hot pink throw pillows around.
    It would be like a gay literary salon. NTTAWWT.

  7. Cripes, Suzette! You can hollow out the books. Spies and such do it all the time. Then stack them.

    Don’t let your husband’s reasonableness keep you from achieving that book stack book end table goal!

    I want one of these, too, but will never be able to afford one. My plan was to paint some titles such as “Gone with the Wind” on the books and add my name as author.

  8. My parents had similar ashtrays to #1 when I was a kid. I think they still have them – in that oh so lovely 70’s burnt orange and brown. I’m decorating impaired so I will not choose one lest I sway you toward the wrong choice.

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