I haven’t been getting out much, you know. It’s been a combination of boring personal circumstances and very-busyness with the dawn till dusk conferences calls and Webexes. But tomorrow I’m driving 90 miles to my old corporate office building in King of Prussia.

Which means convenience store coffee to go.


Gawd, I missed that stuff. I only drink coffee once a day in the morning so it has to be exactly right.  Not one cup per day, “once per day” – translated as continuous refills of a 12 oz. mug. 4 or 5 times.  Mornings are long here in NJ. Anyway, tomorrow. The exactly rightness will be  hot and fresh and wearing a little cardboard sleeve so I don’t burn my hand.

  • First stop: drive .5 miles to the nearest 7-11 for 20 oz. of boiling hot regular coffee with milk.
  • Second stop: drive 20 miles to a certain Dunkin’ Donuts for another 20 oz. of boiling hot regular coffee with milk.
  • Third stop: drive 35 miles to the PA Turnpike rest stop across from the Philadelphia Race Track.

7-11 is by far the best but I’d take a WAWA in a pinch. the BUNNs never rest.

The PA Turnpike rest stops are very charming. The originals were built in the 30s and 40s using the local field stone construction typical for that area and very evocative of Bucks County, the Main Line and extreme hoity toityism.

old postcard

As new buildings were added along the pike, they retained that same distinctive look. On the outside. The inside is your typical rest stop McDonald’s and Burger Kings permeated with the aroma of pine oil floor cleaner. Maybe a Cinnabon. Sometimes there are gift shops that have Philadelphia-style pretzels and Tastycakes.

new photo

Anyway. Great excitement. I’m leaving the house tomorrow. I hope I can find suitable shoes.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. There is so much to be said for decent looking buildings on the outside – no matter what they hide on the inside. The Chicago suburbs prove this every mile one travels down their roads.

    Yay on the coffee for the trip. I can’t drink real coffee sad to say… I have to drink the frou-frou stuff to get my caffeine hit for the day. *sigh* But I do go out once a day because otherwise I’d have a total meltdown. So I hit Starbucks where they know me and I don’t even have to tell them my drink… so nice in the morning before my brain is functional!

  2. A morning in the life… The stories I could tell about Pepsi and the correct places to get it from the fountains of Southwestern Wyoming, Southeastern Idaho and Northern Utah. If you ever travel this way don’t expect good coffee. NJ seems to have many delicious food options not available in the Rockies. I’m thinking about sending to Amazon for Pork roll.

  3. It’s pouring in Manhattan right now, Suzette, so it’s a good thing you’re not headed thisaway or it would ruin which ever pair of shoes you settle upon.

  4. 7-11 coffee used to be my treat for going on our frequent 2 hour trips over to civilization back when we lived in But It’s A DRY Heat. I loved it. Just zooming along, bigass hot coffee cooling in the cup holder so I could sip it without burning all the skin off my tongue, watching boulders make shadows that looked like stunted buffalo.

    Our rest area at the halfway point, however, was a rusted sort-of trailer like they have at under-construction faux-amusement parks. The aroma was indescribable.
    Your pee stops are much much prettier.

  5. Back in the day, the rest stops on the PA turnpike were HoJo’s and they had coin-operated stalls in the rest rooms,
    10 cents to peep. (10 cents could buy a loaf of bread or a can of soup back then)
    It lasted until former Gov Shapp, on his way to a meeting/graft payoff or something, had to make a pitstop himself and no one in his group had a dime.
    Within months the coin-ops were gone and HoJo was on the way out. True story.

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