Today we announce a new feature here at Cripes Suzette called “What Would Moo Do? – Correspondence from the Office of the Fashion Adviser to the First Lady”.

Our first letter comes from a poor soul who chafes at the idea of being confined to traditional female undergarments in the face of anthropogenic global warming.

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The Office of the Fashion Adviser To the First Lady of the United States was quick to respond to this urgent problem. Priorities, people. Get ’em straight.

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13 thoughts on “WWMOODO?”

  1. I don’t comment often but read you every day because you are the beacon of fashionwarningness in all things MOO-related. I do so love your MOO essays. I loveitloveitloveit. Sorry for gushing.

    Now, are you sure that’s a too-small thong and not just too-small granny pants wedging her up?

  2. MOO photo alert at MOTUS!! Return of the maternity top with a teeny weeny little bolero sweater thrown on for good measure. Or maybe it’s all one piece? Weigh in (pun intended) with your opinions everyone.

  3. That is some spiffy-ass letterhead. Willlllllmuhhhhhhh!

    The Fashion Adv’s office is probably swamped already with pleas for help and clarification. Specifically, people want to know how to dress so as to be compared to Jackie O, like MOO does. She has a knack for it. It is most uncanny, the resemblance.

  4. She’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Not MOO. Suzette, one of the funniest women on the planet. Forget the canned spinach and Stedman’s new collar. We need our snarky MOO fix.

    (Glad to hear they found a place for him where Van Jones can do no harm to the Republic.)

  5. As the self-appointed fashion expert for the SWestern granny pants wearers, allow me to point out that gravity is not our friend. Due to the pull of gravity, thongs just slip off the butts of seniors, hence the necessity of “granny pants”.
    Just saying.

  6. MO and commando in the same sentence? I can’t believe you went there. BTW, how could anyone with advisors,friends or a full length mirror go out looking like that?
    She probably has on a containment system along with her undergarments. But as she is much smaller in her head than in her butt, she is lumpy, bulging and spilling all over.
    WWMOODO! And the Office of the fashion advisor of the First Lady of the United States (seriously, your seal is much better than BO’s amateurish office of the President Elect) Just brilliant! Suzette, one of your best posts ever.

  7. I think you are missing the point. Very, very few women had what it took to dress, act and generally appear like Jackie. This generated unhealthy amounts of envy (ok, and inspiration, but please…).

    Anyone with a reasonable budget (or limit on their Joe Biden-autographed MBNA credit card), a DVD with the complete First Season of Jersey Shore and a few boxes of Crispy Cremes can look and act like FLOTUS.

    This is government *everyone* can participate in! No more elitism.

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