America – Why Is Your Money Still In Your Mattress?

Listen, I’m doing my bit. I already have about 30% of my Christmas shopping done. Although most of it isweird shit  from  eBay. I advise you to get out there and start stimulating things.

For instance, here’s a 9-pack of shoes from Christian Louboutin …  for Barbie.

Designed by the wizard of fabulous footwear.

And they’re only $69.95. You cheapskate.

Oh, it’s a “suite” of shoes, not a 9-pack.

Wait! There’s more! Each pair comes with a matching miniature shoe bag and box.

doll not included

AAAAND a free gift with purchase, which only adds to the value of the whole package here.

Not just a calendar for a year in Paris, but Christian Louboutin’s year in Paris. Or maybe it’s Barbie’s year in Paris. Needs clarification. But it’s free.

Why don’t you stop hoarding your money and free yourself from the restraints of common sense so that you too can shop from the Barbie Collector catalog?


14 thoughts on “America – Why Is Your Money Still In Your Mattress?

  1. I was all poised in this comment box, ready to type in a comment, and suddenly my eye (my LITTLE EYE) kinda jerked over to the right-hand column and for some reason — out of all the categories listed there — it was as if a glow enveloped the one: “Michelle Obama’s Body Parts.” Which of course made me laugh. It’s just funny.

    Damn, I’ve forgotten what my “real” comment was going to be. I’m sure it would have been outstanding. Something about weird shit you buy on eBay, probably. God I’m lame.

  2. Tempting to say the least as I am a devoted shoe freak. Unfortunately, I’m not spending even $69 on shoes for myself lately. Barbie will have to wait. I know, I know, I’m the problem.

    • I don’t now how that catalog for adult Barbie collectors started coming to my house, but there are some wacky things in there including a tiny chihuahua that’s only as big as a Barbie shoe. It also has the Mad men Barbie collection in there – Ken never looked so good.

  3. Of course, nine pair of full-size Louboutins will run you somewhere on the far side of $6900.

    Still, Barbie will have hers. Ken wouldn’t dare deny her.

  4. I was ready to comment when I suddenly realized via CGHill these $69 shoes are FOR Barbie!?! How did I possibly miss that? I’m suddenly unable to comment and I have a headache.

  5. People have a lot of free time to cook this stuff up
    The day they show in that catalog a 9-pack of Comme Il Faut brand tango shoes for Barbie, then you’ll know they do have a lot of free time.
    Either that, or they read this post & borrowed the idea.

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