All Style No Stink

Here is Stedman modeling his new no-stink waterproof dog collar.

lucky dog

The collar is nice and clean and odor free. He’s been wearing it for 5 hours. Tomorrow is the early morning grind around in the yard challenge and the afternoon jump into the hose spray event so I guess we’ll see.


14 thoughts on “All Style No Stink

  1. I went grumpily back to work today after a fab summer of playing and reading blogs. What a pleasure to come home and see such largess from Suzette!

    • How interesting that so many of those “cookbooks” are more reflections about food and coking that coincidentally happen to contain a few recipes. That was pretty much my M.O. for The Soup.

      • I’m hoping for The I Hate to Cook Book to show in the top 10, but in viewing the others on the list, I’m not expecting it. The Brits…

  2. Very cool; if it works I’ll have to order Daisy one of the ‘daisy’ model. Maybe in bright yellow so unsuspecting children can see her coming.

    • The collar is super cool in concept but much heavier than the woven cotton one he used to wear. I’m sure his little dog brain was thinking something like “Take your stinking paws off me you, damn dirty ape!

  3. In yet another homage to our beloved Peg Bracken, I made Cotton Pickin’ Jam Tarts to eat on a road trip taking my granddaughter up to college.
    I used self rising flour, cut in the butter, rather than melt it, and put some powdered sugar and lemon zest in the pastry.
    Can I have my own cooking show now ?

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