Where In The World Is Sausage Obama?

It’s a good thing she’s world famous because a US press blackout has been declared for the private European vacation of World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama. Not to worry – the UK and French papers are full of pictures and breathless details. Here, for instance, is a photo of the first lady and her daughter taking a stroll on the Costa del Sol in Marbella, Spain.

MOO and her herd

Hmmm. I see MOO but I don’t see her daughter. I see her oversized Jackie O shades ( not TOO obvious, honey)  and her half-toga daubed with Shinola but I don’t see her daughter. I even see her special white nose stripe that she wears for photo ops and public appearances. But where is her daughter?

Oh! There she is!

Tell us little Miss Obama – how are you enjoying your “private, mother-daughter trip” so far?

See her there decked out in the blue striped casing?  She’s about two tiers behind her mother. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and I must say that MOO is just like the rest of us – multi-tasking, combining her world famous fashion icon status with busy momming even while she’s on a private vacation with 59 other people.

One time I took my daughter on a trip with me to Connecticut and we stayed at a Marriott, which was lacking in gangster or reality TV people presence.  So, I too have  had my moments of busy-momming. No one would ever mistake me for a fashion icon but I WAS wearing stockings for the public appearance portion of that trip, so there’s that. We had a fabulous time and while I was going about my business, she  ordered room service oatmeal with apple slices. I paid for the oatmeal myself.


27 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Sausage Obama?

  1. Why Spain? With a private jumbo jet at her disposal she could have flown to..Aspen, for the cool breezes, a dude ranch in Wyoming, a summer home by the lake in Michigan, or just about anywhere I would consider a dream vacation and couldn’t afford.
    In Spain, she has to sit in her hotel room because of the danged racists that live there. No fun for WeeWon#2.

  2. Looks to me like WeeWon was brought along on this splendid trip as a photo op prop. Barry took the dog on his little jaunt. Want to bet we get a photo of that, too?

  3. Suzette, I know you travel quite a bit. Glad you didn’t get inconvenienced by the boy-king’s 5 pm landing at O’Hare, but you would be more equipped to tell the world about this insane, thoughtless disruption of ordinary commerce and the flying masses during the height of travel season. 2 extra hours on a hot tarmac so Barry could eat cake with thug pals.

  4. I suppose it wouldn’t be anything new for me to say these people make me sick.

    And those glasses. Does MOO have a poodle for her fashion advisor?

  5. I kind of feel sorry for little Sausage… she seems like a miserable little girl. She never looks happy in any of the photos… Malaria always looks like a typical pouty brat, but Sausage looks sad.

    • At least she’s not wearing those khaki shorts and baseball cap she was wearing when they went to the Grand Canyon.

      And, it seems to fit properly… for her, that’s a step in the right direction.

      Plus, there’s no gigantic plastic pin.

      See? It could be a lot worse.

  6. ROFL!!! The photo of Unit #2 is hysterically funny, but I’m sure not to her. No wonder she looks unhappy and worried all the time.

    Can you have a vacation with 15 people hovering around?

    EU photos are great! Ban USA photos -LOL!

    • Sometimes I feel bad about my little joke but then I remember that they trot these kids out in public view like show ponies to suit their own agendas and that renders them open for commentary.

      • Never feel bad about good jokes about public figures. They get the good, they have to take the bad. Comes with the territory, right? Yes. Besides, Sausage and Malaria are just the funniest mock-names EVER. They are. I “LOL” every time — every damned time — I see that on your site. And you know I am very selective about my “LOL”-ing. Carry the hell ON, S.

  7. This is a payback jaunt for people who did something for the Obamas and now are allowed to bask in the glow of MO’s presence — this is my guess. Sausage is there because it was easy to label this trip as being “her special treat” when her sister left for camp. That is my guess also. I hope I live long enough to read the books that sausage and other obama white house intimates gift us with. They should be to sort that makes me throw them against the wall.

  8. Pouty little Sausage was just an excuse to get away from Boo and the WH.
    She is left to trail behind like the rest of the entourage. I remember more than a few President’s families, none of them rented 60 rooms and had to fly 14 vehicles for the roadies.
    The WH keeps saying this is a private vacation. If it’s so private, can’t somebody keep her off the streets ? I am sure the trip has ruined a lot of other people’s visits to the same area.
    I wonder how much of this ‘private visit’ Moo actually paid for?maybe the massage and the pedicure ?
    I bet she’s a lousy tipper too.

  9. I can’t think of any well known political figure or spouse of political figure that shows so much skin. Why can’t it be Todd I see with very little on? I’m weary of MOO’s armpits and boobies.

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