Very Important Information

Hold those Mad Men presses!  Thanks to my obsessive internet detective activities, I have come across the NYT obituary of Vera Neumann. Guess where she lived? OSSINING NY, home of fictional characters Don and Betty Draper.

Now don’t you think the ladies of Ossining, Betty included, would have had some Vera things they picked up in the  local department stores, or at least at B.Altman when they spent the day shopping in the city? I do. I’m sure old Vera talked some local shops into carrying her stuff before she got the big contracts. I will be gravely disappointed if we don’t start seeing some Vera pop up here and there.

Although, it’s entirely possible that we’ve already seen a Vera scarf on who else? Joan “Men Love Scarves” Holloway. I’ve been watching season 3 reruns to get myself primed up and came across the scene where the ad men were goofing around with hai lai equipment in the office and smashed an ant farm. The end of that scene is Joan dressed in light blue and gold holding a very familiar looking scarf up to her nose while she leaned in close to the ants and their pheromones to inspect the damage.

Anyway,  I wasn’t looking for her obituary -which by the way I think the NYT could put a little more effort into it –  I was looking for her tombstone to see if it had a ladybug or a poppy engraved on it. No luck so far – she may have been cremated.

Here’s some FAB!! Vera plastic trays with shrimp/crawfish and crackers? on them.

4 RETRO 60s VERA Neumann LADYBUG Plastic LOBSTER Trays FANTASTIC FIND!! Set of 4 trays signed and designed by Artist turned textile designer Vera Neumann. Almost everyone in the 1950’s – 70’s had some sort of Vera design product. This FAB!! set of 4 plastic trays, each measuring approx. 16.75 X 10.75″, featuring graphic designs of shrimp/crawfish, olives, butter, and crackers? in vivid orange, green, yellow and white. All are signed with “Vera” and her ladybug trademark which she chose because of its symbolism for good luck and happiness. All are in very GOOD vintage condition with minor wear indicative of age and use. Sure to compliment any Mod, Retro, Atomic Ranch, Mid-century Modern, including designs by Jonathan Adler.

12 thoughts on “Very Important Information”

      1. Those are crayfish – the way they serve them in heaping piles in France, all staring with their dead little eyes. If they weren’t so good, I’d never have made it.

        Vera was obviously being very French with those trays. Well, sort of………

        1. Shrimp. The wimpy carapace is one telltale sign. No claws either. Besides, no one outside the Gulf Coast would have considered putting crawfish on their party menu in the 1960’s, much less their serving pieces.

          1. Schmed is correct. I meant to say “crevettes” – the French word for shrimp. And that’s the way they serve them there.

  1. Among my Vera artifacts is the most unbelievably ugly long silk scarf, which must have been quite a bargain 20+ years ago or more?

    Golds and browns with large black pinwheel designs. The browns have faded to an odd rusty shade. I clearly need to learn how to sell stuff at eBay. Someone would probably pay real money for this scarf.

    I loved her sunny bright flowers – and I have a cool bright cotton square scarf with bright-colored little fish that I love in the summer – but that autumnal thingy is pretty baaaaaaaad.

    1. Y’know, Lulu, that’s the one accessory that Michelle hasn’t worn yet, maybe she’d like to have it. It sounds like something she’d wear.

  2. The butter cracks me up. It just doesn’t seem to belong.

    I get that she wanted a differently shaped and colored design element to contrast the round crackers and olives but couldn’t she have come up with something that integrated better with the overall theme? Maybe some elongated vertically-sliced lemon wedges?

    Brava Vera for your quirky design touches!

  3. My daughter found 3 Vera plastic placemats at her local thrift store yesterday, for 25 cents each..She bought them, but the thrift shop gods must have a sense of humor, she really needed 4.
    Dh and I were told that Mad Men was a must watch for us during it’s first season. Dh spent his whole career in the ad industry, and I spent 25 years in it. It’s how we met, actually.
    We tried to watch a few episodes, but found it excruciatingly dull and even painful..It was a tough way to earn a living, and reminded us too much of our real lives.
    The characters in the series are not nearly as awful as some of the real people we worked with..
    I think the phrase ‘dog eat dog’ was invented by an ad man or more likely, an un-credited ad woman.
    For those who have not been exposed to the disease, though, I can see where it would be entertaining..just sayin’

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