Fondue Bibs

it’s Vera!

Was this a thing? Because I don’t remember that this was a thing.

I was around during the first wave of Fondue fascination way back when and I clearly remember the pots, the long color-coded forks, the divided dishes, the ready-to-go fondue glop in a foil bag and I even had 2 fondue cookbooks which I lent to an asshole and never saw again.  But I have no recollection whatsoever of fondue bibs.

4 Vintage 1960s VERA Fondue Bibs

Never Used.  Buy It Now – $57.00



12 thoughts on “Fondue Bibs

  1. That was one stupid food-fad that rightfully was ignored by most of America. Half-drunk people waving gloppy food around to cool it off so it could be eaten was really messy and dangerous.

  2. I just want to know why they didn’t iron the thing before they took the photo. What ever happened to ironing?

  3. There’s some really fancy-schmancy expensive fondue place here and they require reservations and everything. I’ve never been and don’t plan to go. And OMG the listing on eBay has ended! You didn’t, did you?

    • I did not.

      Much as my sweaters and blouses would appreciate it if I started wearing a bib, I did not purchase these. Must have been some maniac Vera collector, or perhaps Al Franken bought them to match his diaper.

  4. The lack of ironing boggles my mind seeing they are asking $57 for this! They could have ironed.

    And no. I do not remember fondue bibs at all!

  5. I don’t remember the bibs but I think they’re great.

    Loved the ’70s fondue fad, sorry srdem65 – I’ve even gone and bought the pot and the forks from ebay, just like the ones my folks have and we used back in the ’70s. Still need some sectioned plates, though.

      • Thanks! But isn’t the drunkenness part of the fun? 😉
        Perhaps I will serve the first drinks with the fondue, then it will be over before people put too many away…

  6. once again some are resorting to pigs at a trough style eating… the first go around was enough ( don’t even get me started on buffet style in restaurants)

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