Sunday Morning Sweetness

Floral Study with Dog and Wheelbarrows

So sad to tell you that I have lost my gardening mojo. You know it’s true because this awful specimen is the best looking thing in the flower bed right now.  AND JUST LOOK AT IT.

right dog right pose wrong location

We finally got the dog to pose decently in front of the hostas but there’s a barrier of hedge roses and 40 feet of  “lawn” between them. He has no problem posing in front of the roses, or in back of them either for that matter. Was it only three weeks ago that the lawn was green velvet and I thought the roses would get through the season without blackspot? Then came the heat wave accompanied by oppressive humidity. The weeds seem to like it.

Oh Suzette! You talented master gardener! However did you grow a pot full of leaves?

I don’t take any blame for the way things turn out this year but I will take credit whenever I can though. Here’s a pot full of leaves that don’t seem to have any squabble with me. On the other hand, there’s this:


I potted up some deep purple salvia for the deck for the first time this year. It didn’t work out so well. First, the plants freaked out when they realized that they were coming home to live with me and dropped all but the top 2 sets of leaves, leaving only a pot full of sticks. You can see the freak out starting in the pot on the left. I spent a lot of time sending mental vibrations to the sticks so they’d recover, and most of them did but they forgot to bring the purple back with them.  As you can see in the pot on the right, some of them came back in goofy colors and even patterns.

Such is the nature of my mental vibrations. Fear me.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Sweetness”

  1. I’ve not commented here before but just wanted you to know that I have been lurking for a few weeks now. And, compared to my yard, your lawn looks like green velvet. We have an acre and a quarter pond that is beginning to complain about being thirsty…… rain for weeks here.
    Anyway, back to your site……love it and will be back for more!
    I may even try your chickpea recipe and I don’t even like chickpeas…….:)

  2. Did I miss the traditional “Dog In Front Of Big Hosta” photos? Not that there aren’t gorgeous substitutes. I love that fence in the top pic.

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