Care for A Bon Bon?

Look, I found something on eBay that I DON’T want. Alert the media. It’s a  candy dish in the form of a realistic fish.

Stunning! This lovely candy / covered dish is in the shape of a fish and was made by Fitz and Floyd. It has a salmon a cream coloring, with touches of khaki green. Approximate Measurements: 9″L x 4½”W x 4”H “Buy It Now” price is $24.95

I don’t mind a ceramic fish – and I would even say that I’m kind of drawn to ceramic lobsters,  if they are shiny bright red – but I’d have to draw the line right here.

As much as I love eBay, I have to admit that it’s filled with horrible specimens. I didn’t have the nerve to post a picture of the Queen Elizabeth Birdbrains Tea Pot, in which red-headed Queen Elizabeth I is depicted as a white duck.

UPDATE: My apologies to Fitz & Floyd. It’s the Queen Elizabird Birdbrains Tea Pot. Now it makes sense.


9 thoughts on “Care for A Bon Bon?

  1. The mind boggles imagining the overall decor of the room that the candy-dish-fish would compliment.
    On the bright side, most folks would hesitate to eat candy from a fish’s belly (more for you).

  2. I lived in Alaska for a while and they refer to their fabulous salmon jerky as squaw candy. I find that name very distasteful, but if someone filled this fishie up with that, I would be delighed to have it. They should have to keep it full, though.

  3. The candy-dish-fish has been on my mind all day.
    To wit; they didn’t only make one of them, there’s a whole school of those ceramic fish floating around the world, sitting on coffee tables, creating a yuk factor to all who must see it there, afraid to lift the lid to view the contents of his belly.
    A true sadist would put gummy worms inside the candy-dish-fish.

    • My grandmother had 4 of these in different colors. I used to play with them as a child. I thought they were wonderful, actually all 4 girls did. I have 3 sisters. I don’t know what happened to them. Probably one of my sisters got them when grandma died. I’ll have to check on where they went.

  4. I rather liked the Queen Elizabeth thingie. It would be fun to have a WTF! item in the kitchen to make everyone wonder a little bit about me.

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