Tomato Talk

I have a draft saved about how no real person is actually emulating MOO’s signature style elements and one about how Chelsea Clinton’s old face is growing back into her pre-cosmetic surgery appearance, but at the moment I can’t get too worked up over them. Perhaps my recent gardening activities have had the therapeutic effect of making me calm and accepting of media bullshit and now I believe that these two are beacons of style and grace?

In any event, the heat is still on here in NJ and I remain tethered to the a/c. I get no farther than the edge of my own deck but don’t worry – it’s been very exciting lately. First of all, we held the first harvest yesterday.

Our tomato. Our basil. Our cocktail – time snack. Our nosy Stedman.

We’ve been using the herbs for a few weeks now.  Our abundance of basil goes into everything, even shredded over fresh fruit salad and in deviled eggs. My daughter, the primary basil advocate around here,  bruises a few leaves and pours seltzer over them for a refreshing beverage.

Today is the day I get to deploy my favorite gardening assist device: old pantyhose.

In the heat of a New Jersey summer, only the tomatoes are wearing pantyhose.

Really, old  pantyhose are perfect to hold up flopping plants. They don’t cut into the plant stem like twine does, they are readily available and look quite festive if you tie the ends in a bow. New touch for this year: old mop handles as plant stakes. Look at me – growing my own food, recycling the nylons, reusing materials that I have on hand, grilling tofu for gawd’s sake, using cloth napkins. Maybe next week, I’ll ask Sami to build a windmill in the backyard and then my transformation will be complete. If I start blogging about washing out plastic bags from loaves of bread or saving twist ties, please come save me.


10 thoughts on “Tomato Talk

  1. In order to have OLD pantyhose, I would first have to have NEW pantyhose. Since I seldom if ever wear a dress, a pair of pantyhose generally lasts 2 years or more.

  2. The sliced tomatoes are the perfect size for “ritz crackers, cheese and tomatoes” snacks.
    Old panty hose? I have old hose/hose (the kind that use a girdle with snaps to hold them up).

  3. I have old pantyhose but no wish to grow plants that would need me to press them into extra service. But your little tomatoes look wonderful!

  4. Maybe you need to do research to see if Hill and Bill have had some kind of plastic surgery to prepare for Chelsea’s wedding. I noticed he had no more baggy eyes at Byrd’s funeral and the last picture I saw of Hillary, she looked refreshed. Maybe they got the family plan and Chelsea has been redone too.

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